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Anyone can make websites.
We create great websites…

What makes a great website is its ranking in Google.
High ranking in the search engines brings site visitor traffic and this traffic brings bookings.

Before we move on, this is where we differ from other agencies. When you visit most rental website design sites they’ll show you screenshots and links of sites they have created.

We share in-depth details of how our sites perform in the real world. What search terms we targetted and where they appear in search.

Here are some of the sites that we’ve created and their ranking in Google along with other information that you’ll find useful.

Vacation Adirondacks

There has been a lot said and written about this website.

It’s been used as a benchmark example of hospitality/destination website creation because it delivers on all fronts.
It’s packed with information and videos that inform site visitors about all of the things to see and do when taking a vacation in the area. It’s a very sticky site.

Since we created the site in 2017, Steve, the owner has seen his turnover go from $35,000 to over $300,000

As with all of our sites, we built it around the most searched terms for the destination as you can see from the following screenshots…

Google Loves This Site

Imagine that you were planning a vacation in the Adirondacks. What would you do?
Almost certainly, you would head over to Google and type in ‘Vacation Adirondacks’

That’s exactly what people do and this site comes up in position 1, top of the page out of nearly 9 million results.

It comes up before the local tourist office, before TripAdvisor and before AirBNB
That’s a lot of traffic right there but there’s more to it than that…

As we said earlier, we created the site around popular search terms and these bring a lot of traffic too as you can see below

Hiking In The Adirondacks
This is a high traffic (2400 searches a month), very competitive term and our page hovers between page 2 and 3 in the results.

Fishing Lake Abanakee
This isn’t a high traffic term but a lot of Steve’s guests come for fishing on the lake.
Again, the site ranks in position number 1 for this term

Adirondack Water Sports
This is a popular term and the site comes up in position 3 in Google

Adirondack Winter Sports
A popular keyword term with over 10 million competing pages and the site comes in 4th place on page 1 of Google

Adirondack Wildlife
There are over 250 million competing pages for this term and again the site is on page 1 in 7th place.


People wanting to visit the Adirondacks are all planning on either hiking, water sports, winter sports, watching wildlife, or a combination of all 4 activities.
They all need somewhere to stay.

The site that we created covers all of these bases and it’s this strategy that has made the site so successful, both in Google’s search results and as a booking machine. So much so that Steve has gone from owning/renting 1 property in 2017 to owning/renting 5 properties in 2021.

Avoriaz Chalets

Nikki and Philip of avoriazchalets.com contacted us because they wanted more direct bookings and their existing website was looking somewhat dated.
They own and manage half a dozen chalets in the French skiing resort of Avoriaz.
Their existing site was only set up for showcasing the chalets so we set about turning the site into a destination based site in order to increase site visitor numbers.

First off we identified the keyword terms that were being searched for the most and then we created pages that target these terms.

This site is full of great videos, useful information and maps and it ranks very well across the most searched terms for the area.

Search ranking for these terms

The ski/chalet market in Europe is a difficult space to compete in as there are many large, well-established companies and some of these search terms are incredibly competitive but we created the pages shown above and here’s how they rank today…

Avoriaz Chalet
The go to term for anyone looking for rental accommodation in the town.
5th on page one of Google from over 3 million results

Avoriaz Ski Resort
A very tough keyword to rank for but our page ranks between 12th and 17th in the SERPs

Avoriaz Ski Pass Prices
Our page ranks 4th on page 1

Avoriaz Ski In/Ski Out
This page ranks 2nd on page 1 sandwiched between TripAdvisor and Booking(.com)

Avoriaz Snow Forecast
This is a very difficult term to rank for as the weather websites tend to dominate this term but our page ranks 9th on page 1 in Google’s results

Flight To Avoriaz
Again, this is a very competitive term as it’s owned by the likes of Expedia, Skyscanner and EBookers but our page still gets onto page 1 in 8th place

Avoriaz Nursery
This term is searched a lot by parents looking for a skiing holiday with children.
Our page is second on page 1 of the search results

Avoriaz Nightlife
A great page for site visitors to really get lots of information about Apres Ski options.
Our page is 6th on page 1 of the results

Avoriaz Night Skiing
Those that are looking for an adrenaline rush will find the site first on page 1 of Google


This site has benefitted from the move from property based to destination based site. As you can see from the rankings shown above site visitors are bought to the site via an array of popular search terms since our site makeover.

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