Introducing Bookano!

The Next-Generation Hospitality Website

Including The Building Blocks For Bookings

Increase Your Direct Bookings – It’s Never Been Easier

Comes complete

The site comes to you exactly as you see it at
It includes all pages, icons, navigation, and plugins, straight out of the box

Lightning fast

The fastest hospitality website on the market.
Nothing else beats Bookano for speed


Hospitality-specific block library

Comes bundled with over 50 hospitality-specific blocks, 10 pre-made page layouts, and an image pack of over 100 images and videos

A truly Mobile-First Solution

The site displays different versions of the same page, depending on the device the visitor is using

A Stylish Site That Is Simple To Customize To Your Needs



You get the complete site, as seen at
All 16 pages are pre-built, with working navigation, a block library of over 50 blocks, and a media pack of over 100 icons, images, and videos.
You only need to change the placeholder images and the copy text

Over 50 Unique Hospitality-Specific Blocks

The entire site is based on WordPress’s Gutenberg drag and drop block system.

It’s a premade construction set

Like Meccano but for bookings.
Like Lego blocks but the blocks are already joined together into a completed site.

This makes it super simple to use and ultra-fast as it doesn’t require a page builder like Elementor or Divi.

Knocking It Out Of The Park With Video Headers

We have included video headers as these make your site stand out from the crowd.
We are all operating in a fiercely competitive and oversaturated marketplace so anything that takes your site from the run-of-the-mill masses to the memorable, is a big plus.


Like this example

We have chosen non-destination-specific videos wherever possible so you will only need to change a couple of videos if they aren’t suitable for your location or property.
We’ll point you in the right direction so that you can find suitable, free, videos for your needs.



Bookano includes over 50 vacation rental / holiday let / bed and breakfast / specific icons.

You also get 14 page header videos and other custom images for the site.

We’ve also included a media file manager

Media Pack Items are also bundled into premade blocks
Like the ‘Why Book With Us’ block below

One-click and the entire block can be added anywhere you wish

Why Book With Us?

Book Direct And Save Money

Book through this website and we guarantee you’ll
get the lowest price on the internet

You can find our property on other websites but those sites charge up to 15% commission on top of our rates.
Book direct with us, the owners, and cut out the middle man

Simply ask yourself – Why would you pay more?



The site comes bundled with the PostXPro plugin (in itself worth $50). This is the best WordPress plugin for displaying blog articles in super-slick magazine formats

This is the go-to plugin for those that are serious about content marketing. There are countless ways to sort and present your articles using this included software.

The ‘Best Kept Secrets’ Block Includes Video ‘Images’

These are more eyecatching for increased clickthroughs, reducing bounce rates

Unearth Utopia’s Best Kept Secrets

Discover our favorite activities and recommendations when visiting Utopia

Things To See In Utopia

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Things To Do In Utopia

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Where To Eat In Utopia

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The Need For Speed

Google Demands Fast Websites

We’ve gone to enormous lengths to make this site faster than anything else available.
Because site speed is a MAJOR METRIC of Google’s ranking algorithm.

See For Yourself

Go to and run tests on the site.
Do the same for your existing site and compare the two.

mobile first mockup (1)
This functionality makes the mobile version much faster

Truly Mobile-First

We’ve built this site as a true mobile-first website

Other site providers claim to be mobile-first but Bookano actually serves different versions of the same page depending on the device that the site visitor is using.

As you can see from the image on the left, people using a mobile see a different site to those using a desktop.

No one else offers this functionality

Buy Now

Get your installation of Bookano today and join the members of our group that are creating next-generation websites for their hospitality businesses.



We are renowned for our support

We have a private Facebook group where we answer any of your questions and Bookano users can help each other.

Video training, additional blocks, and updates will all be available through this group


The Course

You will receive full access to the Bookano specific training course.

We cover everything from hosting, installation, editing, maintenance, and going live.

The sections are broken down into easy-to-follow lessons with step-by-step videos, PDF’s and templates that will help you complete your website quickly and easily.

Set Up

We recommend using Cloudways, Vultr, High-Frequency hosting for the fastest possible speeds (contact us if you need help) but Bookano will work with any web hosting.

A Fresh WordPress Install

You only need a fresh installation of WordPress, install and activate the WPvivid plugin and send us the key (It’s all explained in the course).

That’s it.
You’ll then have the entire site on your server.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!