Who reviews the reviews?

Who Reviews The Reviews?

Derating the rating system Welcome to a masterclass in how to alienate 25% of your clientbase. In the past couple of weeks Homeaway have managed to shoot themselves in the foot (on More »

Do you provide bikes?

Remember The VR Good Old Days?

Remember the days… Remember the days <insert dreamy flashback music> when you could just leave a couple of bicycles in the shed at the end of the garden and you could tell More »

Bookings Plus 4G System

Vacation Rental Marketing – Taking The S & M Out Of Social Media

Taking The S & M Out Of Social Media I thought that we would spice up this article by talking about a bit of sadomasochism. Now as I’m sure you know S More »

Vacation rental world summit

Vacation Rental World Summit

The vacation rental world summit is coming to a computer near you... June 13th to 15th Are you signed up yet (it's free)? More »

Are you selfie centred?

Vacation Rental Selfies. Really? Really.

  Kevin Riedel of Unrents.com joins us again this week – We asked him, What digital trends can we leverage for generating more social media marketing material that we can use to More »

Holiday accommodation, It's not all about hotels

Fight Night – The Battle For Beds

There have been a lot of news stories recently concerning hotels, vacation rentals and the battle to fill beds. I’m not sure if the hotel industry is complaining about a decline in More »


Airbnb, Organic Cyclists on Mobiles and Bounty Hunters.

 There’s been a fair bit of unfair news regarding Airbnb this week – Here’s our take on it…   More »

vacation rental winners

And The Winner Is…

  We are pleased to announce the winners of our, and The Distinguished Guest’s, bedroom makeover competition. More »

Auctioning vacation rental weeks

Auctioning – A Clever Way to Maximise Income on Your Hottest Weeks. Or is it?

  Kevin Riedel of Unrents.com joins us again this week – We asked him, Auctioning – A clever way to maximise income on your hottest weeks. Or is it? Here’s Kevin’s take More »

Putting a stop to online burglary

Online shopping and vacation rental burglary.

  After reading more stories in the press regarding vacation rental properties being broken into by computer savvy criminals we got to thinking… More »

Vacation rental marketing


Marketing is evolving. It's evolving fast. You need to evolve with it.
Take a look at http://bookingsplus4g.com to see how vacation rental owners can attract more guests by employing new strategies.
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Outdoor living


Here's a little something to grab your attention this week. Look at the photo and tell me what you could use this for at your holiday rental.
Ok. Not sure? Well check it out here 
Upcycle / recycle who cares, this is great use of scrap.
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Tech Tuesday


This weeks tech combines beauty, function and sheer bloody genius.
LED lamps powered by sand
We will say no more…
He's the blurb,
The Hourglass Lamp Collection is powered by kinetic energy generated from the falling of sand. This off-the-grid lighting solution illuminates interior environments using LEDs. When the hourglass is flipped over the falling sand passes through an internal mechanism that generates energy to power the light. The need for human interaction creates a user connection and a greater awareness of the value and finite source of light energy. Project Status: 1st Prototype launched at WantedDesign 2013, R&D underway for additional prototypes and testing
TAKE OUR MONEY… Full details here http://bit.ly/1tl1HFt
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Customer relationship management


Traditional marketing methods are dying on their feet. Social marketing is replacing the old direct advertising ways.
See http://bookingsplus4g.com for social marketing courses for vacation rental owners.
This image is taken from http://bit.ly/1p4wV4f
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Post of the week


We like this poetry post from +Lecrín Valley Villa Rental Granada Spain. (who are on our bookingsplus4g.com social media course for holiday home owners). This is a great example of social marketing. Keep up the good work.
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Reshared post from +Lecrín Valley Villa Rental Granada Spain.

Tagomago by Antonio Colinas
From the anthology Songs for a Silent Music (original in Spanish) comes this verse from the poem by Antonio Colinas dedicated to the island of Tagomago, located just 900 metres from the north coast of the island of Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands.

Casa Tagomago is named after this island because of it's elevated position at the edge of the village of Restábal, giving one the sensation of being on an island, contemplating the surrounding valley and mountains.

The poet's web site:-  www.antoniocolinas.com

Posted by Susan at   www.casatagomago.com

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The little things


It's the little things that set us apart and these rather lovely tea "bags" would leave a impression no matter where you drink your tea.
We like them.
Ok, so they cost just over a dollar each but sometimes it's the little things that lift our day.
More details here http://bit.ly/1r7CMpF
Posted by http://rentmoreweeks.com
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Vacation rental photo tip


When taking pool shots, wait until midday then stir the water with your foot or your hand. Let the ripples spread before you take the shot and you will end up with a photo with that amazing electric shimmer that you see in professional marketing brochures.
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We're not making it up. Hovelstay launches it's listings for students. So if that shed at the end of your garden is sitting empty, or maybe you have a half finished tree house like this one in LA.
Really, we're not making this up
For more details, etc visit http://hovelstay.com 
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Vacation rental news


Guest centric owners will dominate the market in the next two years.
You heard it here first - http://bookingsplus4g.com?

Photo of the week

Not a photo this week but a chat with a professional vacation rental photographer - Meet +Tyann Marcink 
Watch this video for some tip top tips on how to photograph your VR.
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