Do you provide bikes?

Remember The VR Good Old Days?

Remember the days… Remember the days <insert dreamy flashback music> when you could just leave a couple of bicycles in the shed at the end of the garden and you could tell More »

Bookings Plus 4G System

Vacation Rental Marketing – Taking The S & M Out Of Social Media

Taking The S & M Out Of Social Media I thought that we would spice up this article by talking about a bit of sadomasochism. Now as I’m sure you know S More »

Vacation rental world summit

Vacation Rental World Summit

The vacation rental world summit is coming to a computer near you... June 13th to 15th Are you signed up yet (it's free)? More »

Are you selfie centred?

Vacation Rental Selfies. Really? Really.

  Kevin Riedel of joins us again this week – We asked him, What digital trends can we leverage for generating more social media marketing material that we can use to More »

Holiday accommodation, It's not all about hotels

Fight Night – The Battle For Beds

There have been a lot of news stories recently concerning hotels, vacation rentals and the battle to fill beds. I’m not sure if the hotel industry is complaining about a decline in More »


Airbnb, Organic Cyclists on Mobiles and Bounty Hunters.

 There’s been a fair bit of unfair news regarding Airbnb this week – Here’s our take on it…   More »

vacation rental winners

And The Winner Is…

  We are pleased to announce the winners of our, and The Distinguished Guest’s, bedroom makeover competition. More »

Auctioning vacation rental weeks

Auctioning – A Clever Way to Maximise Income on Your Hottest Weeks. Or is it?

  Kevin Riedel of joins us again this week – We asked him, Auctioning – A clever way to maximise income on your hottest weeks. Or is it? Here’s Kevin’s take More »

Putting a stop to online burglary

Online shopping and vacation rental burglary.

  After reading more stories in the press regarding vacation rental properties being broken into by computer savvy criminals we got to thinking… More »

Holiday rental marketing and Instagram part 2

Holiday Rental Marketing and Instagram – Part Two

  Kevin Riedel of joins us again this week – Last week we asked him, How would you use Instagram for holiday rental marketing purposes? Here’s the second part of his More »

Remember The VR Good Old Days?

Do you provide bikes?

Remember the days…

Remember the days <insert dreamy flashback music> when you could just leave a couple of bicycles in the shed at the end of the garden and you could tell your guests that they could use them if they wished.

The guests were happy, you gained loads of kudos and they got to explore the area and at a much nicer pace than taking the car. It was good for them and the environment.

Well those days are over.


Poor Airbnb. They announced a new branding project which is mainly based around a new logo. Some people have said that it's rude but I guess those same people didn't go to the same school as me or they don't get out much. The main problem here though may be that it is all but identical to Automation Anywhere's logo. I can hear those heated legal calls from here in Denmark. And all this after the birdhouse fiasco. 
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Outdoor Living

Here's a nice article from Houzz showing some great ideas for bringing the outdoors indoors or the indoors outdoors. Either way here are some lovely photos
You can read the full article here
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Tech Tuesday 

This week we bring you some of the best space saving furniture we have ever seen. If you need to raise your vacation rental income some of these beds tuck away into the smallest amount of space.
Wonderful designs.
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Out of the bowl thinking

Love this and just wanted to share it

Reshared post from +Need A Banner

Give your brand its identity back with a Need-a-banner advertising banner. #advertising #smallbusinessuk?

Once upon a vacation rental marketing time…

not long ago, people used to use the phrase, “location, location, location”.
Do you remember what it meant?
It was traditionally a turn of phrase used by property experts that stated the three most important factors in determining the saleability or rentability of a property.

Those factors were,
“Location, location, location”.
You needed your property to be in a good location in order to sell it.
It made no difference if you were selling it once (real estate) or selling it weekly (holiday rental) it needed to be in a great location.

Well times change.
When I first started in the vacation rental business, 10 or so years ago, my properties were in a great location – All was fine and dandy. It was easy to rent, my calendars were pretty full.

But as the years went by, more and more competing properties sprang up in my location. It became harder and harder to rent due to the increased competition.

In order to keep ahead of the ever expanding VR crowd…
Read the rest of this article here –

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Extra beds

We showed a photo of this couch / bunk bed a few weeks ago but here it is in "real life" so to speak.
What do you think?
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Here's an eye opening interview with Brian Chesky, CEO and fonder of Airbnb. Put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and spend an hour looking at the vision behind the company rather than the normal media trash.
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Social media personality – Which are you?

Come on fess up, which type of social media user are you?
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Water, water, everywhere (and lots to drink)

Here's a smart article by Mercedes Brennan of One Chic Retreat regarding bedside water. It's the simple ideas that leave the best impressions.
Check out the article here
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