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Vacation Rental Websites

As a vacation rental owner you really must have your own website to showcase your property and the surrounding area. No business is complete without an online presence these days and your vacation rental business is no exception.

Having your own vacation rental website makes you appear more professional and therefore more trustworthy and potential guests would rather do business with someone they trust than someone they don’t.
vacation rental websites

So, how do you go about creating a site for your property?

Well you have 3 basic choices.

1. You can use a specialist company that provide templates to build your own micro site.

2. You can take complete control and create your own website.

3. You can pay to have a bespoke site made for you.

We will look at these options each in turn…

1. Use a template based vacation rental website template.


This is a quick solution and is ideal for owners that want to build a website without too much involvement.

There are a number of companies offering this type of package.

Rentivo –  We already mentioned  Rentivo in our vacation rental marketing listings options but they also offer a micro site building service. You build a site using their templates and they will host it for £150 per year (around $225). You can use your own domain name and you can integrate Rentivo’s other services if you wish (payment solutions, calendar integration, etc).

Myvr.com – Similar to Rentivo, Myvr offer customizable templates that you can adapt to create your own site. Also available with online booking, integrated calendars, email, etc. Price per annum  is $288. You can use your own domain name too. Comes with basic blogging options.

Examples here

Webchalet.com – Offering much the same as the others Webchalet comes in at around $163 per year (they also offer a free 2 week trial period). They also charge a $2 transaction fee. You can use your own domain name too. Comes with basic blogging options.

Live client samples here

The vacation rental websites that these templates produce are all mobile friendly, responsive designs.

The pros of using a template based company…

You get to produce a website pretty quickly. You still need great photos and of course you need to write your copy, have your rates worked out, etc but all in all this is the fasted route to building an online presence.

The cons of using a template based company…

You are not in complete control of your site.

The site that you build is somewhat limited in it’s functions and will lack some bells and whistles of a build your own or bespoke site.

If you decide not to renew your subscription at any time you will lose your site (as such these sites don’t really belong to you).
The costs of these sites adds up over time.

Overall thinking

A great option for owners that want a quick, without too much thinking (or work), solution.


2. Build your own vacation rental website


Create your own VR website – Easy to follow online video course


If you want total control of your vacation rental website then this is the solution for you. It’s easier than you may think, especially if you use WordPress. WordPress is open source software so it’s free to use.

Because WordPress has a bit of a steep learning curve we have put together a video course specifically for vacation rental owners and you can find the course at our sister company Bookings Plus 4G.
Comprising of 10 hours of  “over the shoulder” screencast style videos, it covers everything WordPress so that you can produce your own stunning website that showcases both your property and the surrounding area.
We cover everything but we break it down into bite sized chunks so it’s easy to follow. Just copy what we do in the videos, one step at a time and before you know it you will not only have your own site but you will be in full control of the content and any revisions that you need to make as time goes on.
There is also an online community for course members.
The course costs $149 and you can create a full website in around a week depending on how much work you put in.
The vacation rental websites produced using this course are all mobile friendly, responsive designs.

You can see some vacation rental websites that owners on the course have created here,

Cotswold family holidays website     holidays on bornholm website    wherewaterfalls website    isla canela holidays website


Pros of creating your own website

You have complete control over what you publish and how it renders (you have endless design options).
You can make as many tweeks as you like and you can update it easily as technologhy moves forward.
You can incorporate your social media feed into your blog (this is a game changer).
You own your web real estate.
Better SEO options.
It’s a far cheaper option than template hosting.

Cons of creating your own site

It takes longer than using a template based solution.


If you have a computing background you can of course just create your own site using WordPress or Joomla. There are also many videos on Youtube showing various aspects of both WordPress and Joomla.

 3. Have a bespoke website made for you.

Bespoke websites

There are a number of companies that will make a website especially to suit your needs. These can come in all shapes and sizes to cover your own needs and budgets.

Have a look at the following companies that specialise in making websites for vacation rental property owners,



Pros of having a bespoke website made for you.

You instruct the company and they do all the hard work.
You just wait for your site to be delivered.
No learning curve.

Cons of this appraoch.

Cost, depending on complexity anything from £200 – £2,000
You still need to provide the actual content, photos, text copy, lists of amenities, pricing, guest reviews, etc.
You will need to contact the supplier (and pay for his or her time) for any updates or changes.



So there you have it, 3 basic choices.

Use a template company – Quick and easy
Build your own site – You have total control
Have someone build a site for you – Most of the work is done for you.

But as we said at the beginning,
Having your own vacation rental website makes you appear more professional and therefore more trustworthy and potential guests would rather do business with someone they trust than someone they don’t.

If you don’t have a site that fact alone is costing you bookings.


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  1. Steve says:

    Good article on “do-it-yourself” websites. Make sure you look into the ability to do proper SEO and optimization of your code. As I found out later that I had little ability to make many changes with my website from WIX. Getting it optimized the best I can has been more challenging with WIX, but there area areas of code I cannot touch. WIX sites also give erroneous and varied results with website analyzers, so you never really know what is actually wrong with your site.

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