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We are very proud to have some of the best vacation rental marketing experts in the business contributing to Rent More Weeks on a regular basis.

Here are some of our current writers…

Alan Egan

Vacation rental marketing expert Alan Egan

Alan has over 10 years in the vacation rental marketplace. Specialising in attraction marketing. Keynote speaker at the vacation rental world summit. Teaching VR owners to stand out from the crowd.

Recently launched http://bookingsplus4g.com The bookings university. An online learning centre for holiday home owners and agents alike. Easy to follow video courses that teach VR owners ahead of the curve, cutting edge, marketing methods.

Founder of rentmoreweeks.com, your free online vacation rental marketing magazine offering advice, latest news and top tips for holiday rental home owners across the globe also see (http://google.com/+rentmoreweeks) a meeting place for all members of the vacation rental industry.

Alanna Schroeder

Alanna is a vacation rental marketing expert

Alanna Schroeder owns and operates The Distinguished Guest, an online marketplace for vacation rental owners who wish to purchase beautiful, simple, hotel-quality amenities at reasonable prices. Alanna and her family also own vacation rental properties in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii.

Kevin Riedel

vacation rental marketing expert Kevin Riedel

Kevin Riedel is a marketing professional who has worked in both ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. He owns and operates UnRents.com, a site that helps vacation home owners market and sell their unrented and last-minute weeks. Visit www.unrents.com for more information.

Karen Spencer

vacation rental marketing expert Karen Spencer

Karen Spencer is a holiday rental coach and owner of The Business of Holiday Rental.
She has years of experience in the luxury self catering industry, is a
successful holiday home owner and an interior stylist. Through The
Business of Holiday Rental she shares her knowledge and helps other owners to make the most of their vacation rental property and to make more money!
Karren also owns a holiday rental, luxuryspringcottageyorkshire.co.uk/ – She is a regular contributor to rentmoreweeks

Antonio Bortolotti

vacation rental marketing expert Antonio Bortolotti

Antonio’s mantra is sharing best practices with vacation rental owners & managers to get more bookings, helping streamline workflows and maximize ROI
He is a speaker, coach and host of the Vacation Rental World Summit. He teaches ‘Rentalpreneurs’ how to get the most of their properties worldwide.

You may well know him for organizing and hosting the first ever global online event in the Vacation Rental Industry. 5000+ attendess and 15,000+ views over the course of a weekend. That’s the Vacation Rental World Summit.
Antonio also builds high quality bespoke vacation rental websites.
You can read Antonio’s articles on the first Wednesday of every month.

Heather Bayer

vacation rental marketing expert Heather Bayer

I’m an expat Brit living in Southern Ontario immersed in the vacation rentals business. I buy properties and set them up for rental, and generate income from them. You’ll find me blogging, podcasting and generally lurking in all social media locations. I love to talk about every aspect of this business and to hear from other owners.

I’ve been a hypnotist, counsellor, practicing psychologist, management consultant and trainer. That was then. I now train for triathlons and still enjoy Marmite.

Maria Rekrut

vacation rental marketing expert Maria Rekrut

Maria Rekrut has been passionately and successfully investing in real estate since 2000 in Ontario, Canada. Her real estate portfolio is as diverse as it is profitable. Known as the Real Estate Wealth Authority, she believes that Vacation Rental real estate investing is much more fun than working a job to earn an income.
As a result, she’s made it her mission to share her shortcuts and secret investing strategies with others who are committed to following her path to wealth. http://www.realwealthrealestate.com/


Tyann Marcink

vacation rental photography expert Tyann Marcink

Tyann Marcink is a photographer, vacation rental owner, author, and artist in the St. Louis, Missouri area. She owns 2 vacation rental homes in Branson, Missouri, and has hosted more than 4,000 guests since 2007. She has written eBooks on vacation rental photography for both property owners and photographers.
Sign up for Tyann’s super cool newsletter that includes her escapades as she juggles a life with 3 boys, 3 businesses, and a streak for adventure. And don’t miss out on her blog for more on marketing, photography, vacation rentals, and life lessons.

The Masked Manager

Vacation rental marketing expert - The masked manager

Dubbed ‘The Stig’ of the VR world, this vastly experienced vacation rental manager lets off steam, makes edgy industry predictions and generally throws the cat among the pigeons each month.
Don’t miss his hard hitting, telling it like it is, no holds barred contributions on the first Thursday of every month. Only here on Rent more weeks.

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