Direct Booking Website Secrets - Plugin Of The Month

Direct Booking Website Secrets – Plugin Of The Month

Direct Booking Website Secrets – Plugin Of The Month

Each month I look at one or two WordPress plugins that may have caught my eye or ones that I use and recommend you do too.

This month I look at Monster Insights

Monster Insights

On the face of it Monster Insights is an analytics tool that gives you some key information from Google analytics straight in your WordPress dashboard.


To be honest, the available data in this dashboard is so limited it’s not really worth bothering with. If you open any of the tabs on the free version you are presented with a screen that says that you need to upgrade to the paid version to unlock the data.

The pro version is $99 a year but I can get this data for free if I log in to Google Analytics itself so why bother?


I’m recommending it for a little-known feature that is worth its weight in gold and it comes in the free (lite) version.

That feature is the headline analyzer.

If you are creating content on your site, the main goal is to get that content read and the power of a good headline can’t be underestimated.

A good headline will generate more clicks than a bad headline but most of us, myself included, pay little attention to our headlines. That’s why I recommend this plugin because it makes you think about this important aspect and it gamifies it with a score out of 100. It also helps with word choices and additional analysis.

Most plugins add functionality to WordPress but this plugin makes me think about a key area that I don’t usually pay enough attention to.
That can only be a good thing.

I highly recommend that you try it out. After all, more clicks equals more bookings

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