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Now Homeaway Want To Paint Your VR Property Blue

How do you feel about having your vacation rental branded by the Austin based company?

In an effort to steal a march on their business rivals, Homeway, the worlds “leading” vacation rental listing company have announced that they will be launching a new marketing initiative in the new year.

The “BLUE IN THE FACE” campaign wants vacation rental owners to paint their homes –

BLUE – Homeaway blue to be exact, the companies corporate colour.

In order to incentivise VR owners, those that comply will head the companies search listings in what will be known as the blue zone.

Owners are to be supplied with free paint and brushes along with Homeway signage, a birdhouse for the garden and a range of office stationary.

Company spokesman Simon Williams stated that the company hoped to turn entire communities in and around Orlando blue by Easter. “This initiative will drive more bookings and according to our research it will engender trust in our already loved brand. Travellers are very concerned about being duped by lazy assed, picky owners and this soothing colour will dispel those worries”.

“We have been testing the market in Chefchaouen in Morocco and we have to say the place looks fantastic” (see above photo).

The company also have plans to issue owners with branded beach towels, coffee mugs and wine glasses but company spokesman Williams denied rumours that they would be supplying an VRBO bible.

“Owners don’t want individuality” he added, “and it just confuses guests”

Certain news outlets were reporting that this was a knee jerk, copy cat, reaction to Airbnb’s recent (yesterday’s) announcement of their “Paint the town pink” plans. But we have “no comment” on that other than to say that would be very out of keeping with Homeaway.

Now I should say that I just made up everything that you just read but that wouldn’t be true either.

I made up most of it…

Homeway don’t plan on getting owners to paint their homes (at least not that I know of).

Chefchaouen is in fact blue, as shown, and I wholeheartedly recommend a visit


Homeway are thinking of providing owners with branded beach towels, pillows, coffee mugs, fridge magnets, dry-erase white board magnets for personalising a note to your guests and wine glasses.


What do you, the owners of VR properties think about Homeway wanting to brand your home?

Are you up for some freebies or do you see this as another step in the company running your business?

Please let us know your thoughts below.