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Vacation rental marketing - What should I be blogging about?

Vacation Rental Marketing – The Ultimate Blogging Guide
Part 4

Vacation Rental Marketing - The Ultimate Blogging Guide - Question

vacation rental marketing - What to blog about

Vacation rental marketing – What should I be blogging about?

As I said in the preamble it’s easiest to write about subjects that we know and of course we need to be writing articles that are of interest to our readers so you need to be writing about your location.

The location is the sole reason that people are thinking of taking a vacation in your area so that’s what you need to blog about. As I said, forget about the term ‘blogging’ and think of this concept as ‘destination marketing’ from now on.

As a VR owner you know a lot about the area your property is located in and potential guests don’t. If you share this knowledge and other facts about the location not only do you have a lot of information to share but potential guests get an insiders insight into the area and this very compelling for them.

If I visit an area while on holiday and I go to the beach that’s fine but if I go to a beach that has been recommended to me by a local, for one reason or another, I feel empowered. My experience has been enhanced because I received some local knowledge. This goes for restaurants, bars, attractions, shows, clubs, historic sites, walks and any other aspect of a vacation (or potential vacation).

So herein lies the answer as to what to blog about. Blog about your location and everything that you know about and can recommend around it.

Guide books are written by professional writers. These writers visit an area and maybe eat in 2 or 3 restaurants then recommend 1 or 2 of them. As a regular visitor or resident you have a far greater knowledge of the places to eat in your area.

You are in a position to recommend THE BEST restaurants and this is gold dust when it comes to putting travellers minds at ease.
This goes for a huge range of valuable advice that you have built up over time.

You have prefered shops that you use, you have favourite local wines that you can mention and there’s that great jazz band that play regularly at a local pub.

Share the things that you love and the things that make the area special and your site visitors will feed off of your enthusiasm for the region.

Looking for more things to write about?

Alongside the ‘What to see and do articles’ of the previous notes add a ‘What’s on guide’ to your destination marketing arsenal.

This could not be easier as you will generally find a what’s on section in the local newspaper or online equivalent. These posts will, by their nature, be short posts so are quick to put together. Look to tell people about big events as far in advance as possible as this can drive event based bookings. For example if a big sporting event is going to take place a reasonable distance from your location post articles telling your readers about this and mention that you have accommodation should people be coming along. This can also apply to festivals of all sorts, conventions and much more.

On a more parochial and immediate level tell people all the things that are happening in the coming month. Talk about guided walks, theatre productions, local bands playing, yoga groups, childrens activities, art classes and whatever else is happening locally. These activities can inspire people to book and your blog can also act as a primer for guests that are actually staying at your property right now.

So to recap, tell people about all the great things to see in your area, all the things to do, your favourite places / places to eat / places to watch the world go by and tell them about what’s on – both now and in the future.

These are just some of the things that you can blog about.

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