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Vacation Rental Marketing - How Long Should My blog Posts Be?

Vacation Rental Marketing – The Ultimate Blogging Guide
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Vacation Rental Marketing - The Ultimate Blogging Guide - Question

Vacation rental marketing - How long should your blog posts be

Vacation Rental Marketing – How Long Should My blog Posts Be?

Vacation rental owners often ask me this question and in a way there isn’t just one short answer.

Should your blog articles be longform?
OK, 5 or 10 years ago the long blog concept worked. I have to admit that I was doing it and it served it’s purpose.

In those days you had to write long articles because you could only target keyword phrases, so if you wrote a long article you could stuff that article with your keyword phrase and that manipulation wouldn’t seem too obvious.

The thing is those days are over. Well over. Real people can’t be bothered to read anything longer than a paragraph of content these days before they hit some sort of latent, time induced, panic threshold and look to move on in their search for yet another photo of Kim Kardashian, Kobe or kittens. That’s our kismet.

Changes in circumstance.

The advent of smartphones and tablets has brought about a major sea change in circumstance when it comes to where people interact with our content.

During 2000 – 2010 most people would read what we wrote whilst at home or in the office on a desk based computer. Now a huge percentage of content (getting on for 50%) is devoured on the move via mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets just don’t lend themselves well to reading long text based articles, especially when using them on the move.

So now your content needs to be short and sweet in order for it to be taken in.

So what do we do? – We need to look at our audience.

Painting pictures for the populous.


That lady behind you in the queue at the supermarket, the one looking at her phone right now. She has 30 seconds to check her social media stream before starting to empty her trolley onto the conveyer belt at the checkout.
She doesn’t have time to read some long, detailed, blog post that you spent all day writing.
She needs to skim.  She’s going to skim. She wants a visual titbit, a lovely photo with a catchy headline and an indelible bullet point or two of text.  That’s it.

It’s no good taking your time painting a masterpiece for this woman. You need to be firing a succession of paintball pellets straight at her forehead.
The great thing about paintball is that even if you miss with one or two shots as long as you keep firing you’re going to hit her sooner or later.

This woman is behind you every time you go to the supermarket (just look later on today or tomorrow) and she’s in every single supermarket in the country. –  In every country!

We don’t need a blog as such, we need a plan.  A plan that works.

So, next time that you find yourself sitting down to create some content you need to decide if you’re going to spend a couple of hours painting a large detailed work of art (that may be too big to fit on peoples walls) or whether you would be better spending 10 minutes making a jigsaw piece that fits into peoples busy lives.

Time is money and you have 2 choices

Sit down once a week for 2 hours and write a traditional blog post that tells a story that no one has time to read.


Sit down 5 times a week for 15 minutes and create 5 jigsaw pieces that each tell their own story and build into a bigger picture (there’s nothing stopping you creating all 5 pieces in one sitting and publishing them throughout the week).

I know I said that you had 2 choices but I lied. You have 4 choices really.
If you really want to write long posts then at least consider chopping them up after publication and then repurpose those parts into teasers that raise awareness and drive traffic to the longform version.

Lastly consider writing one longform post (sometimes called a pillar post) about a bigger subject (maybe a historic site, detailing the history, directions, admission fees, opening times, etc) once a week and 4 or more short posts with recommentations, photos, video, what’s on guide information, etc.

Use video where possible


Bear in mind that if a local band are playing in nearby bar you can’t dress that up into a long form post anyway. Details are band name, type of music, venue, location, time and entrance fee – BUT maybe you can find a video of them playing on Youtube and you are done.

So even though this is a short post you have added a great deal of value and people can watch the video before deciding whether to go see the band or not.

As you know there is a ton of video on just about everything, everwhere on Youtube and the other video channels and it’s easy to share other peoples videos on your blog.

These ‘what’s on’ video posts are very informative but better still they are quick to put together.

 So that’s the long and the short of it.

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