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Vacation Rental Marketing - How do I attract readers to my blog?

Vacation Rental Marketing – The Ultimate Blogging Guide
Part 6

Vacation Rental Marketing - The Ultimate Blogging Guide - Question

Vacation Rental Marketing - Getting Readers To Your Blog

Vacation Rental Marketing – Getting Readers To Your Blog

No doubt you have heard the phrase “build it and they will come”.

Well I can tell you here and now that that is not the case when it comes to publishing blog posts to your vacation rental website. If you adopt that concept your posts will just sit there and rot pretty much never seeing the light of day.
That’s the harsh truth.
I’m not one to tell you anything that isn’t true and that’s where others in this business mislead VR owners when they say that owners need to have a blog (as if that’s some sort of magic bullet).
Creating posts and publishing them to a blog is the easy part. It’s akin to creating your VR site in the first place. You may well have a site but you need site visitors. And the same is true for your blog posts. You need to attract readers.

If I get up on my roof and wave a big red flag some passers by may notice me but if I want to be noticed by large numbers of people I need to start waving my flag where people meet in large numbers – That’s pretty obvious really.

So once you have created your post, publish it to your blog then start syndicating your post (or links to it) anywhere and everywhere that you can.

Different types of posts are best suited to different platforms so you will need to adapt your posting schedule depending on the content you are sharing.

Longform posts could be posted to Medium.com, Linkedin.com or Quora.com (all depending on the content).
Shorter ‘postcard’ type posts are more suitable for sharing on the major social media platforms.
Create business accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus and syndicate (share) your posts to these platforms. You can do this by using third party software from Buffer.com, Hootsuite.com or a myriad of other similar service providers.
When creating these accounts make sure that you use your location in the titles of your accounts (and boards in the case of Pinterest). In the case of Pinterest make a number of boards – What to do in Xxxxxx – What to see in Xxxxxx – What’s on in Xxxxxx – Etc. Where Xxxxxx is the name of your location (Orlando, Florida – Melbourne – Tavira, Algarve, Portugal)

Make sure that you include links back to your site on every post. In effect these posts to social media are like digital business cards so you want to include contact details by way of a byline, something like – Posted by Lisa of xyz.com or To read more visit xyz.com or Full article here xyz.com.
Never post to social media without this type of link back to your site.
This is how you can drive people from social to your site.

Include a great image with every post as we live in an image hungry world and text only offerings don’t perform nearly as well.


 So that’s how we start to attract readers.

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