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Vacation Rental Marketing and Esignatures

Another Top Vacation Rental Marketing Tip VR Marketing and Esignatures I tried to post this to a community.homeaway.com forum but it didn’t render the html so appeared as gobbledgook, so I thought it best to post it here as it displays as I intended. I recently changed the way in which I “sign” these articles and this has increased my followers on Twitter and my “likes” on Facebook. It looks...
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Vacation Rental Marketing and The 100% Rating System

Vacation rental marketing and The 100% Rating System Influence I have read all sorts of things regarding the vacation rental market, I have read various stories covering just about everything from boom to bust. The thing to bear in mind is that whether 2012 turns out to be a boom year, a bust year or, more likely, somewhere in between, vacation rental owners, like yourself, are in a position to...
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Vacation Rental Owners Should Be Selling Dreams

Dream Merchants, Selling Dreams And Dream Selling   Advice for vacation rental owners I’m not sure if you noticed a recent report from Google that identified the 5 stages of travel http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/featured/five-stages-of-travel/ The 5 stages of travel are, according to Google, 1.  Dreaming 2.  Planning 3.  Booking 4.  Experiencing 5.  Sharing Vacation rental owners and owners of villas, holiday homes, cottages, cabins, condo’s, etc. are all in the travel business...
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