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Try This Danish Strategy to Increase Winter Vacation Rental Bookings

      By Mercedes Brennan  TRY THIS DANISH STRATEGY TO INCREASE WINTER VACATION RENTAL BOOKINGS When temperatures drop, the low to non-existent bookings season begins for many vacation rental properties. It’s winter and people like to stay at home and drink tea and putter. There are two approaches to this scenario: 1) You accept that bookings are thin and take a break from the short-term rental business. Or…. 2)...
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Vacation Rental Bedding – Only The Chicest Survive

      By Mercedes Brennan  Vacation Rental Bedding – Only The Chicest Survive It’s March and it’s that time of year when I start searching for summer vacation rentals for my family. This summer we are going to coastal Maine, a place I have never been before. I’ve done some research and know basically in what areas we want to stay. I’m a vacation rental interior designer so not...
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