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Creating more bookings

Here's a pretty easy way to make more bookings. Give your bedrooms a makeover – It's that simple – Sure it takes a day to prepare and photograph but that's not long in the grand scheme of things.Anyway here's a great article from cedarhillfarmhouse with 6 examples to inspire you.http://www.cedarhillfarmhouse.com/2014/07/6-ways-to-style-a-bed.htmlShared by alan of rentmoreweeks.com #vacationrentals #bedrooms  
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No second chances to make a first impression

Here's a nice article about making beds. It may seem basic but so many owners get this wrong. This is what hotelification is all about.Nice work Eva Whitney, thanks for sharingVR owners tip – Show this article to your housekeeper #vacationrentals #bedrooms #housekeeping Vacation Rental Housekeeping – Creating a Beautiful Bed – Vacation Rental Home & GuestHello VR Owners, Managers, and Housekeepers! Welcome f …
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