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CSI – Vacation Rental Marketing Vacation rental marketing – Crime scene investigation

OK. So it may not be a crime, but many owners do not do justice to their holiday property because they show poor quality images in the vacation rental listings. Here we examine the six most common errors owner renters make when marketing their holiday property online. We have put together a FREE, easy to follow, pictorial guide that highlights 6 of the main areas that owners overlook when taking and uploading images for marketing their holiday property.

Better photos sell more weeks.

This guide shows, pictorially, how easy it is to make mistakes when taking and choosing photographs of your holiday home. It does this in order to get you thinking about your own online image and how that image could be improved. Better photos sell more weeks Once downloaded, have a good read through it and start looking to improve your current online collection of photos.
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Here a couple of screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect.

CSI Vacation Rental Marketing GuidesVacation Rental Marketing Guides

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rent more weeks

This is an ideal guide for those that can see the value in an improved online image but aren’t sure how best to achieve it. It shows you, very clearly, how easy it is to improve your portfolio and outlines the reasons for a marketing makeover.

All you need to do is download the guide by clicking on the download button below, read through it to get an understanding of where you may be going wrong in the image marketing department. Good images sell more weeks, if you look to improve your online image you too can sell more weeks. Improve your images.

You are guaranteed more bookings.

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