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The home of our unique vacation rental marketing guides for owners of holiday homes, condos, villas, cottages, apartments, etc.

It doesn´t matter if your property is large or small, luxurious or rustic in style, or on the coast or inland –
What matters is how it´s presented for market. That’s where these guides come in to play. We share years of experience in photographing and marketing properties for the vacation rental market.

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The Vacation Rental Photography and Staging Bible[su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” divider_color=”#fa692b” size=”2″]

Master the art that leads to higher vacation rental bookings – and directly profit from it!

These are the secrets that you can use to offer your potential guests what they are looking for in vacation rentals –
by showing them precisely what they like to see

The vacation rental photography and staging bible

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Vacation Rentals are not rocket science – but there’s an art with key secrets to make it work, and, as a Vacation Rental marketing and photography expert, I’ve condensed all these Vacation Rental promotional secrets in an easy-to-read and easier-to-apply guide that will help you to boost your Vacation Rental bookings.

After all, you know that this market is booming. You’ve tried it and you’ve seen how profitable it can be. The problem is that, so far, you are only seeing the potential but not feeling the full results.

And I can tell why: you’re not presenting your property in a way that shows the stunning value that potential guests are looking for. That’s why, as promising as you know that this market is, you’re not seizing the gains.

The vacation rental photography and staging bible preview

Over 100 pages of full colour examples and easy to follow checklists

That’s why I’ve written ‘THE VACATION RENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND STAGING BIBLE: The Trade Secrets That Double Bookings’ – a unique eBook that provides simple and actionable insights about how you can present your properties in a truly customer-appealing way that actually converts into higher bookings.

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Vacation rental photography and our marketing makeover guide.

marketing makeover guide

Do you want or need more bookings?

If you are renting online and need a bookings boost then this marketing makeover guide is made for you.
Full colour, pictorial guide to get you moving in the right direction as far as renting more weeks is concerned.
35 pages packed with over 80 hi res images that clearly show the concept, the methods and the professional tricks that lead to more bookings.

It covers how people search, equipment and props, vacation rental photo basics, checklists and real life makeover examples.

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Creating an online portfolio for your vacation rental.

Our creating a portfolio guide

This guide is FREE to all that buy the Marketing Makeover Guide.
This guide looks at building an online portfolio. Learn what to show and how to show it with lots of examples and cheat sheets

Improve and expand with attraction marketing.

A great follow up guide to our Marketing Makeover Guide, this guide is in the same pictorial, full colour, so easy a child could do it , format.

It looks at what works and what doesn’t, when marketing your vacation rental and details the building of a full, converting, collection of images.

Get more guests to sleep with you with our bedroom makeover guide!

Get more guests to sleep with you!

Want more guests to sleep with you?
Then you need to spark a little holiday romance!
This guide shows you how –
It lifts the lid on bedrooms and how to show them for vacation rental marketing purposes. Get these images right and the bookings come flooding in.

Easy to follow, pictorial guide with over 45 full colour photos that reveal the best kept trade secrets.

It covers concepts, colour, lighting, props, real life examples and rental bedroom photo makeover techniques that really convert web visitors into paying clients

Micro-stage your way to a full bookings calendar with this guide!

micro stage you vacation rental and get more bookings


This guide looks at food and drink and the micro staging all types of tables, inside and out.
Take a little time to take a few powerful images, like an alfresco breakfast for example,
and see conversions shoot up.

It deals with breakfast shots, kitchen photos, barbecue images and poolside, bedside and dining tables. There are over 56 full colour examples and real life vacation rental photo makeovers to learn from.

Improve and expand your online images, raise the bar and rent more weeks.



Exude a mood and show what makes your property unique.

vacation rental photography atmospherics guide


This guide focuses on atmospherics.
By adding some atmospheric photos to your online collection, you can stand out from the crowd, show what makes your property unique and expand your gallery at the same time.

Adding atmospheric images of your vacation rental to your online collection make it more memorable, you convey extra information and you exude a mood. All these factors help with conversions and bring in more bookings, plus it’s fun to make these images.

Cooking the bookings.

Get great guest reviews week in week out


This guide is set out like a cookery book and each recipe details the ingredients and cooking instructions for attaining great reviews, week in, week out.
It covers everything from the guests pre-arrival to welcoming tactics, including client entertainments through to their departure and everywhere in between. If you want to get on the 5 star review bandwagon and start driving more bookings toward your vacation rental home then this is the guide for you.

The Vacation Rental Photography and Staging Bible

The VRPB iPad

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