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Vacation Rental Marketing Makeover Guide

This guide is the first stepping stone on the path to more bookings. We have taken some of the basic vacation rental marketing needs and added some rudimentary photography skills and built this guide, with the aim of helping you to make simple improvements to your current collection of photographs. We have crammed over 80 high quality, full colour, images into 35 pages of easy to follow, professional tips and tricks, that you can use to improve and expand your own online collection of marketing images.

Don’t worry, you don’t need expensive equipment, a simple point and shoot digital will do. We don’t profess to make you into the best photographers in the world, we just set out to show you how to improve your rental images through a number of easy to follow tips and tricks.

Better photos sell more weeks.

This guide covers, pictorially, how people search and what they search for, basics with regard to equipment, props, techniques, methods and online galleries and slideshows. The guide is available in PDF format to download. Here a couple of screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect. better photos = more bookings


This is an ideal guide for those that can see the value in an improved online image but aren’t sure how best to achieve it. This guide shows you, very clearly, how easy it is to improve your portfolio and outlines the reasons for a marketing makeover. All you need to do is buy the guide by clicking on the Add to Cart button below, read through it to get an understanding of what you need to achieve and then spend half a day taking some improved photographs for use in your marketing campaign. You are guaranteed more bookings.


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Special offer Vacation rental marketing makeover guideBut one get one freeVacation rental marketing - creating a portfolio

That’s right, Buy one and Get one free. If you buy the Marketing Makeover Guide you will receive the Creating A Portfolio Guide as a bonus, free of charge. This bonus guide looks at building an improved and expanded portfolio for use in advertising your vacation rental property. Long gone are the days when just a few hasterly taken pictures would generate bookings. In order to compete in this already overcrowed marketplace you need to have an expanded portfolio, an online gallery and an online slide-show. fortunately, using free software and free remote, cloud, hosting actually building these is easy and free, you just need a set of good photographs. And that’s where this guide comes in, it looks at what to show, inside, outside and about. It too comes with lots of ideas, examples and cheat sheets. So, start improving your vacation rental marketing material sooner than later, download both guides now – just click on the Buy Now button below. Buy Now Add to Cart View CartONLY $14.99

Incredible value

Have you seen how much professional property photographers charge per property?
Even then you rarely find a property photographer that specializes in vacation rental properties, nearly all are in the real estate sector.
There is a huge difference between photographing real estate and vacation rental homes.
I charge a minimum of $500.00 for a photo shoot but you get nearly ten years of tips, tricks and tuition in this guide all for only $14.99.
Even if you only get one extra booking this guide will pay for itself more than ten times over.rent more weeks

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