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Vacation Rental Food and Drink Guide

This guide looks at the staging of tables and all things food and drink. Ultimately guests will be breakfasting, lunching, barbecuing and wining and dining at your property and you can show potential guests where they can do these things. This really helps with conversions. It also covers kitchens as guests will be preparing food here too. We also look at poolside tables and bedside tables.
An empty table in a photograph is wasted real estate, just by micro staging each and every table before you take photo`s you can add form, content, colour, scale, depth and holiday associations to your images. The guide covers all of these aspects and shows how you too can spice up your marketing image portfolio by adding a few extra, tempting, eye-catching, memorable photographs that will really help with convert more web visitors into guests.

We don’t profess to make you into the best photographers in the world, we just set out to show you how to improve your rental images through a number of easy to follow tips and tricks.
Better photos sell more weeks.
This guide covers, pictorially, the setting up and photographing of a breakfast shot (guests love alfresco breakfast), kitchen shots and close ups, the staging of all tables and also covers barbecues. There are also plenty of full colour examples. It is available to download by pressing the BUY NOW button below. Buy this unique guide and start getting extra bookings sooner than later. The guide comes in PDF format.

Here a couple of screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect. Vacation Rental Marketing Guides - Food and Drink SpecialVacation Rental Marketing Guides - Food and Drink Guide This is an ideal guide for those that can see the value in an improved online image but aren’t sure how best to achieve it. It shows you, very clearly, how easy it is to improve your portfolio and outlines the reasons for staging all tables, inside and out and what to use and how to photograph it.. All you need to do is buy the guide by clicking on the buy now button below, read through it to get an understanding of what you need to achieve and then spend half a day taking some improved photographs for use in your marketing campaign. You are guaranteed more bookings. Vacation Rental Marketing Guides - Food and Drink GuideBuy Now Add to Cart View Cart

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