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When the communicator met the customer

When the communicator met the customer I came across this great article by Gerry McGovern – Does it ring any bells with you? Communicator: We’re delighted to announce that our new updated, redesigned and relaunched service is even easier to use than it has ever been. Customer: But it’s not. Communicator: We value your feedback, but our new redesigned service has a whole range of new features, topped off by an...
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Why Is Santa Monica Allowing Homeaway Etc To Break The Law?

I came across the story below, of a vacation rental operator being convicted of operating an illegal VR business in Santa Monica and got to wondering how this breaks down into the “them and us” of big vacation rental business and small vacation rental business. Mr Shatford, the VR operator in question, was operating four VR’s and was, quite rightly, prosecuted and convicted. My question to the Santa Monica task force...
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Are Flipkey Imploding?

A vacation rental property manager wrote to us complaining about Flipkey this week and we thought that we would share it here in order to highlight some issues that owners and managers are experiencing… Have you had other VR PMs complain of the changes and problems with FlipKey lately? Apart from them advertising other properties and competing destinations on the$350/yr  subscription page that WE PAY FOR (to ultimately get the...
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