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As you may have read in previous posts, using Instagram for my vacation rentals gets me leads and eventually bookings (If you missed these posts, read about Kim Kardahsian, Instagram and me or about my Instagram tool list.)

I am not the only one to use Instagram, a social media network that frequent travelers use en masse. And not just teenagers.

So, our marketing manager Baron has contacted 11 experts and asked them this simple question: “How do you use Instagram in your vacation rental business?“.

1 – We use Instagram to share pics and tips about Florence.

andrew mcconnell vacationfutures

Instagram is one of the most growing social media channels for us. We know that people like to use this network to make travel plans. We use it to share pics and tips about Florence, according to our editorial plan throughout all other social channels. We work in cooperation with influencers and bloggers who have a huge following on their Instagram accounts, in order to increase our visibility and our followers.

Our Instagram followers are from all around the world, but especially from Brazil because we work a lot with Brazilian influencers. We are also very interested in the new ways Facebook offers to advertise on Instagram. We are sure Instagram can be a place to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. For us it is second place after giant Facebook.

2 – We want to give a visual marker of our standards, what guests can expect from our site.

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We have a few goals with Instagram… first, we want to share our own personal photos, highlighting life with kids. This helps us establish authority since we are marketing to families. Moms trust other moms. It also gives our company a real face and builds trust with our guests. We also use Instagram to promote our blog posts, using hashtags to get maximum exposure.

Once our website is finished and our properties are featured on the website, we want to use Instagram to highlight the best of our homes, especially the family-friendly amenities they offer, such as a beautifully designed bunk room or a vignette of the pool as seen from the safety gate.

We want to give a visual marker of our standards — what guests can expect from our site. We are excited too to use Instagram video to capture moments at our homes, maybe with children playing in the pool or walking down to the beach. We want to use it to draw people in and really get them visualizing their family in that space.

4 – We use Instagram to announce our new properties and promote our blogs and testimonials.

andrew mcconnell vacationfutures

Because Instagram is first and foremost a mobile app, it allows us to put high-quality product images in the hands of potential prospects and brand advocates. Vacation rentals are a highly visual product, therefore we use Instagram to announce new Time & Place properties, share information about a destination, promote our blogs and testimonials, and induce overall vacation envy. It also allows us to share a first-hand account of what it’s like to stay at one of our properties. For example, we might share where a ski run is in relation to a home, or what a sunset view looks like in real time. These are selling points that are conveyed better with an image, than simply listed as an amenity on a website or during a phone conversation.

We try to take advantage of Instagram’s robust search functions by optimizing our posts, thus encouraging them to be seen by non-followers. Hashtags have been essential for us to reach a broader audience in like-minded industries such as interior designers and local tour operators who can become advocates for us in the future. For example, for posts about ski vacation rentals we use hashtags like #powderday and #skiutah. For posts of our property interiors we might use hashtags like #design, #style, or #architecture.

We also tag our photos by location which encourages posts to show up in geographic related searches. For example, for a vacation rental with views of Casa Batllo in Barcelona, we will tag this landmark and anyone who’s looking at pictures of Casa Batllo can stumble upon our beautiful property. I think if we can offer a unique viewpoint of well-known destinations, it adds value in an otherwise saturated industry.

5 – Instagram as a platform that can generate leads to business.

andrew mcconnell vacationfutures

Social media is often overlooked here in Brazil as a platform that can generate leads to business. Instagram is very popular in Brazil among the youth and adults and we deal with a very specific kind of customer: wealthy, used in traveling and who actually demands nothing but the best in luxury housing.

Therefore, we understood the importance of:

  • Taking and posting good pictures on our social media accounts.
  • Not overflooding our social medias only with villa pictures. Creating content is an interesting way to engage customers with the brand. Also, we sell ourselves as more than just a luxury rental company. We want to sell and create unforgettable experiences to our clients, therefore we offer tips on where to eat, what to visit, etc.

We schedule our posts according to reports indicating times where we will have maximum engagement from our customers, we use selected tags and other organic growth procedures. All I can say is that we experienced an amazing increase of subscribers and last but not least, clients these last months, thanks to an intelligent social media strategy. We have more than 5,4k followers and we are looking forward to more!

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