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10 Reasons To Attend The Vacation Rental Success Summit

By Heather Bayer 10 REASONS TO ATTEND THE VACATION RENTAL SUCCESS SUMMIT When we were thinking about the why of putting on a face-to-face conference, we brainstormed a ton of reasons people would have to attend. And then I saw this blog post from the founder of the Agents of Change podcast and organizer of the Agents of Change annual conference. It listed every reason we’d put on our wall-board....
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10 Ways to Know You Are a Vacation Rental Fanatic

By Heather Bayer There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with this business. I’ve had six rental properties over the last fifteen years and have seen my own interest and involvement grow into a full time job as well as a part time ‘hobby’. I’ve written over 450 articles on every aspect of the vacation rental industry, as well as a couple of books. My family knows that I cannot...
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Top 10 Ways to Create a Stunning First Impression

Marketing doesn’t stop at having a great website, posting amazing photos on a listing, and using hypnotic text to draw guests in – it continues to your guests arrival and beyond. How cool would it be for your guests to be posting to Instagram from the moment they open the door, telling all their friends where they are and what a great time they are going to have.  And if...
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