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Here’s a little bit about us…

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What drives us…

The ONLY way to succeed in the vacation rental business is to stand out from the crowd.

Rentmoreweeks.com and Bookingsplus4g.com are ahead of the curve holiday rental marketing companies giving cutting edge advice to rental owners, managers and industry experts.

The drive behind these business’s is our insatiable thirst to stand out from the crowd. The Bookings Plus 4G courses do just that, they empower owners to become conspicuous in an overcrowded marketplace.

Who are we?


Alan Egan

Hello, Alan here, I’ve been in the holiday rental business for around 10 years. I started a small listings company in Algarve, southern Portugal back in 2003/4 and spent many a long day marketing the properties and the (hand coded) site. I specialised in search engine optimisation, web copy, content marketing and holiday rental photography. I started teaching various vacation rental marketing techniques to owners through this Rent More Weeks website and my associated guides in 2010.

I was a keynote speaker at last years Vacation Rental World Summit, an online event attended by over 5,000 owners. I will be hosting another session at this years summit.
My presentation was focused on guest centric marketing and social media.

I will be hosting another session at this years summit.

My wife, Lisbeth and I spend our time between our rental in Portugal, our farm in Denmark and cruising on our lovely yacht “Life O’ Reilly”.

What do we do?

We run this site, rentmoreweeks.com, an online magazine for vacation rental owners across the globe. We write and share news stories, marketing tips, interviews, new ideas, photography items, listings gossip and lots more besides. Have a good look around.

We also sell the best vacation rental marketing guides on the market. We cover general photography tips in our Marketing makeover guide, we talk staging in our Food and drink guide and we cover everything there is to know regarding reviews in our Recipes for 5 star reviews guide. Check out our Guides page for all of the books in the series.

Over the last 18 months we have been busy working on the Bookings Plus 4G project.

B+4G is an online learning centre for vacation rental owners. The university of bookings.

We’ve taken owner orientated marketing and turned it on it’s head to create guest centric materials that not only lead to bookings but gain a following as well. We offer easy to follow screencast video courses that take the pain away from marketing and learning.

Bookings Plus 4G also has a thriving private members community consiting of VR owners from around the world.

Here’s a little video explaining more about B+4G

Build an online, multi media, insiders guide showcasing what your property and the surrounding area have to offer from alan egan on Vimeo.

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  1. Cindy Amato says:

    Hi Alan, This is fantastic! I’m always looking for “training” that I can share with our customers, especially the newbies. Just posted a link to this from Bookerville’s facebook page. There are so many things to learn that it can feel overwhelming to some.

    Thanks for a great VR resource!

    Cindy Amato

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