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VR Business - Rocking Facebook Live 

Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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Rocking Facebook Live

For a regular post of Facebook reach can be as low as 2%. One way to get more eyes on your post is to do a Facebook Live. Here’s how to rock a Facebook Live:

1) Don’t be scared – go for it!
Pretend you’re talking to one person and that person’s your best friend, so be natural and chatty. And don’t worry about what you sound like or look like – who cares!

2) Make an announcement
Pick a time in your diary to go live and then make an announcement the day before or that morning that you’re going live. That way your followers know to look out for your broadcast.

3) Have a topic
To help structure your Facebook Live have a topic that you plan to talk about. Make some notes and don’t worry about having to consult them during the Facebook Live. It’s not a memory test, but a way of giving valuable information to your followers

4) Respond to comments as they come in
Encourage those joining you live to make a comment to let you know that they’re there. And say “hi” to those that do. Also if any live viewers ask a question or make a comment, read it out and deal with it there and then. That way it feels much more like a conversation.

5) At the end
Don’t end the Facebook Live abruptly once you’ve finished what you had to say. Give viewers the opportunity and time at the end to interact and ask you questions. Assure those listening after the live video has ended, that they too can still post a question in the comments box and you’ll respond.

If you haven’t already done so, I challenge you to do a Facebook live on your holiday rental’s Facebook page this week! Go for it!

VR Business - Rocking Facebook Live

Posted by Karen Spencer of http://thebusinessofholidayrental.com/

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