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MailChimp for Vacation Rental Owners: Beginner’s Guide

Great article by our friend Jess Ashworth of Lodgify

Though some people will try and convince you email marketing is a dying art, it still remains one of the most successful forms of online marketing when looking at ROI (return on investment).

For vacation rental owners, email marketing can be the key to convincing previous guests to return to your home, or the persuasive push for a new guest to choose your VR over another. There are many ways you can use this direct channel to build and maintain relationships with inquirers and past guests, especially when it’s so easy to personalize mails to suit your reader.

One of the most effective ways you can create dynamic, personalized and innovative mails (with hardly any effort at all) is by using a free service like MailChimp – the world’s leading email marketing platform.

Not only will this guide explain the many benefits of using a tool like MailChimp, but it will also lead you through the steps to create your own mails and implement your vacation rental email campaigns. Take a look for yourself just how easy email marketing can be with MailChimp below!

  1. Why should vacation rental owners use MailChimp?
  2. Getting started with MailChimp
  3. Create a MailChimp email list
  4. Create a MailChimp template
  5. Build a MailChimp campaign
  6. Connect your Lodgify website with MailChimp

Why should vacation rental owners use MailChimp?

There are heaps of advantages to using the MailChimp service. If these don’t convince you, we’re not sure what will!

  • More than 12 million businesses and individuals send more than one billion emails a day with MailChimp.
  • You can easily create automated emails to follow up on inquiries, bookings and any other website activity (to name a few).
  • MailChimp lets you perform A/B tests, then automatically pulls the most successful email to send as the campaign.
  • You can split your contacts into segments so you’re able to target the right people with the right content allows you to send 12,000 mails to 2,000 subscribers every month.
  • The “Forever Free” MailChimp plan.
  • Easily integrate MailChimp’s service into your Lodgify account.

Getting started with MailChimp

Step 1
Create your free MailChimp account by following the simple steps.

Step 2
Get to know your MailChimp dashboard, which is the screen you’ll see immediately after logging in.

MailChimp Vacation Rental Owners 1.jpg

And familiarize yourself with the features and terminology:

  • Import your list: here you can import an existing list of email contacts that you already have stored elsewhere.
  • Create and send a campaign: this is where you get creative – begin to build your campaigns here.
  • Start building your audience: Create signup forms that will allow potential guests or inquirers to subscribe to your list.
  • Invite your colleagues: If you have more than one person working on emails, invite them to join your account so they’ve got access.

Once you’ve sent your first campaign, you’ll be presented with the standard dashboard, rather than the simplified one (shown above). This dashboard shows your campaigns, subscribers and clicks:

MailChimp Vacation Rental Owners 2.jpg

For the full article see: http://blog.lodgify.com/vacation-rental-email-marketing-mailchimp