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Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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3 of the best social media scheduling tools

Social media is time drain so help manage your time by using scheduling tools. Here are my top 3 social media scheduling tools.

Facebook – schedule directly into Facebook itself. Although other tools schedule to Facebook, scheduling directly is the best way to get the highest reach for each post. Plus it’s free.

Buffer – from a free account you can schedule to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google+ business page. Install the Buffer Chrome extension and at the press of a button, content can be added into your Buffer account. Re-schedule popular or evergreen content easily by the “ReBuffer” button. A paid for version (£10 per month) allows more posts to be scheduled and a Pinterest account added.

Meet Edgar – pricey (£40 per month) but it allows you to create (and importantly store) content under different categories eg blogs, days out, places to eat. Then add these categories into your calendar or schedule. The amount of content you store and schedule is unlimited. For Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a free month’s trial is available.

Scheduling doesn’t take away the need for you to interact and be on your accounts live regularly. But it does take away the daily worry of thinking what to post that day.

VR Business - 3 of the best social media scheduling tools

Posted by Karen Spencer of http://thebusinessofholidayrental.com/

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