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Vacation rental marketing guy Alan Egan

By Alan Egan of rentmoreweeks.com

Does Your Vacation Rental Website Look This Good?

When it comes to personal vacation rental websites, anything less than stella doesn’t really cut it any more. The days of second best are over. You can’t succeed in this over saturated marketplace with anything less than a first rate offering.

A great vacation rental website should be the backbone of your VR business. It should be a destination information hub, it should be a property showcase and it should be the focal point of all of your social media content.
It should be all of these things as well as being a thing of beauty.



Here at rent more weeks we have been raising the vacation rental website bar.

We have been giving away vacation rental websites that fit the needs of potential guests. VR owners have been taking our give away site, swapping out the photos and the text and creating their own sites.
We’ve been sharing some of these websites here in recent weeks but wanted to show you what you can achieve in a little more detail – Bear in mind that none of these owners had built sites like this before.

Have a good look around these sites, see how these owners are marketing their properties. Compare these sites to your own (if you have one). Be honest and ask yourself if your online presence is up to scratch. Remember you can make a site like these for free (see videos below).

Welcome to Redrock Retreat

Meet LoriThe first owner made site that we are going to look at has been created by Lori of redrockretreat.com and what a lovely site it is. Right from the first photo with the mountains reflected in the wine glass to the story about the Sedona Vortexes, everything is beautiful. How can you not be drawn into finding out more about this property and the region that it’s located in?


Remember, Lori made this site for free…

All of these websites have ‘light box’ enabled photo galleries. These light boxes literally put your images front and centre and really make your photos pop.

Lori’s gallery photos display in a sleek light-box

Ask yourself, “does my VR website look this good”?

Escape to the Virgin Islands

Peter created this vacation rental website for freeThis next site has been created by Peter and it showcases his villa on St John. We love the photographs on this site, all of which were taken by Peter and his wife. You nailed it guys. That said, there’s a lot more to this site than just the photos. Have a look around and you will see what we mean.

Have a look at Peter’s site. Ask yourself  “Does your site exude the same feelings as this”?



Below is a screenshot from Peter’s “Just Imagine” page.

Does your site mention hidden, private utopias? From where I’m sitting that sounds pretty enticing and I want to know more. I want to visit St John after looking at this website. That’s what vacation rental websites should be doing. There’s so much more to marketing a rental property than talking about queen size beds and en suite bathrooms. The site that we are giving away nurtures that idea by including a “just imagine” page and an “our top 10” page.

VR website, just imagine page excerpt

If you look around this site, and the other websites shown on this page, notice how most of the information looks out from the property as opposed to looking inward and being property focused like the vast majority of holiday rental websites. This is key to developing sites that convert lookers to bookers.

Owners vacation rental website, St John


A wickedly awesome site

Maria made this site after taking our free vacation rental website courseNext up is Maria’s brilliantly named “Wicked Awesome Maine Vacation Rentals” website (acadiamainevacation.com). Maria has built a multi property site to showcase her 5 properties and, just as importantly, the stunning area in which they are located.

We love this site as it exudes atmosphere and makes us want to visit “Wicked Awesome Maine” (and, once again, that’s the whole point).

There’s even some skinny dipping hidden away in this site


Here’s a little portion of the page that describes Maria’s Featherbed Island House. we love the way that the copy text mentions the types of guests that this house is suitable for.

What a great way to form a connection with potential guests.

A screen shot of one of Maria's property web pages

A window to the garden island

Rae-Marie made this next websiteNext up is Rae-Marie’s beautiful honupoint.com – Check out this leading photo – “Dine while watching the whales” – Who could resist that?
Rae-Marie’s top 10 list highlights some of the best things to do on Kauai and that’s what sets these websites apart from the norm. As we said before, these websites talk more about the area than the property and it’s this thinking that makes them convert at a higher rate. After all no one visits Hawaii because Rae-Marie has a rental there but people will book with her because she’s sharing her intimate knowledge of the place.



Here’s a peek at part of Rae-Marie’s top 10 list of reasons for visiting Kauai.

This holiday rental website shares the reasons for visiting the island

And here’s what Rae-Marie had to say about creating her new site…

Rae Marie's thoughts on creating her own vacation rental website

A dreamy French cottage

A fantastic holiday rental website by RachaelNow we look to Europe and Rachael’s holidayinthelot.com site.
Here she shares the highlights of the Dordogne region of France and we get a chance to nose around her holiday rental cottage too.
This site really is destination based, you come away from this site with reasons to book a holiday with Rachael. It’s a great example of the new generation of vacation rental websites that are offering so much more than photos and descriptions of accommodation.
is just packed with wonderful little touches.

Just click on an image to visit the site


Have a look at Rachael’s galleries page and checkout her image captions.

Hint – They are inspirational, take notes while reading them…



Here’s what Rachael has to say about making her site

I can't thank Alan enough for the 'prod' this course gave me. I knew I needed to build a site & move away from relying on the listing sites for our enquiries but doing it myself seemed such a daunting prospect I didn't know where to start. Alan's videos and support led me through the process and as a result I have a site I am delighted with, understand the process and can make changes when necessary and am looking forward to developing it further. Genuinely enjoyed the whole experience & would recommend it to anyone.

Only you are stopping you
Pretty good eh! We are so impressed with these sites. Each of the owners is very proud of their individual creations and so they should be.
None had used WordPress before but now each of these owners has wrested some control over their marketing. They are not at the total behest of the booking portals anymore. Sure enough they aren’t in a position to quit Homeaway, VRBO, Airbnb and the like just yet but they have taken the first step in that direction.
These sites are free to make. As we said, it’s only you stopping you from making a site just like this. For those of us in the northern hemisphere the winter is almost upon us, so what better than a little web marketing project to while away the longer evenings?
You too could have your new vacation rental website featured here in a few weeks time.
Dare ya.
Just watch the videos below to learn how to get started.
Creating your own site for free
Here are two introductory videos outlining the thinking behind this project

VR Websites #1 from alan egan on Vimeo.

VR Websites #2 – The WordPress Website Giveaway from alan egan on Vimeo.

The pre-season project starts here…

VR Websites – Pre season from alan egan on Vimeo.

VR Websites – Domain names and UPIs from alan egan on Vimeo.


Just click the button below in order to get started…

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