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I came across this information on social media and have to say that I’m shocked at the level of control that Homeaway are trying to enforce on owners across so many fronts.

Homeaway Social Media Police Attacking Owners Facebook Pages

I fully understand the need to suppress leakage on their own site regarding owners that encourage booking outside the HA system but when it comes to the Homeaway police poking around owners Facebook pages this really does cross the line in my opinion.

If this company even has a PR department they must be in tears most of the time.

What a disaster. What next?

For those of you with Facebook pages for your rentals, if you have your Facebook page in the links in your VRBO listing, but have a link to another listing site as your website in your Facebook page, HomeAway’s little Social Media minions are coming after you.

They are clicking the “Suggest Edits” on your Facebook pages for you to remove your website URL.

Facebook then tells you to either change or reject it or your Facebook page will be deactivated.

Then, if you don’t change or remove it, the little HomeAway minions are changing your Facebook URL in your listing so your link goes to “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. It happened to me.