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Vacation Rental Styling - Why Average Is Over For Vacation Rentals
Vacation rental styling expert Mercedes Brennan      By Mercedes Brennan [su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” divider_color=”#fa692b” size=”2″]

Vacation Rental Styling – Why Average Is Over For Vacation Rentals

We are living in The New Era of Aesthetics. It is the 21st century and expectations of beauty have dramatically increased.

Excellent design is everywhere. It invites us into an enticing, diverse, stimulating, gorgeous world. Our smartphones are as sexy as supermodels, the typeface and photography of our favorite blogs compel us to procrastinate; a car seat’s aged leather piping invites us to sit back and take a quick jaunt to the country. Even our neighborhood coffee shop looks like a spread from Elle Décor Magazine.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the vacation rental market. The chicest digs win the most bookings. Hands down every time.


Because beautiful design is intoxicating. It enlivens all five of our senses. It allows us to dream of fantastic futures and imagine a much better present. It promises happiness. Beauty is no longer the property of the rich and famous; all social and economic classes expect it. Demand it.

And smart vacation rental owners know this. They realize that in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment, they must provide low cost, comfortable and convenient homes, while simultaneously making them beguiling to spend time in. People are becoming more and more design savvy. Not only do they want life to be easier, but they want life to be beautiful. They have come to expect it. They feel they deserve it. After all, vacations are precious and people want the jaw dropping, not the ho-hum.

As more homes are listed on HomeAway, Airbnb, Flipkey and numerous other sites (new ones are popping up all the time), it will be harder and harder to be average and still get bookings.

So don’t do average.

Average vacation rentals are all over the web. Don’t waste your time creating them. There are already 10,000 other vacation rentals doing that.

Consumers of all income brackets want beautiful retreats in which to spend their precious vacation time and if given the choice, will reject “average” every time. No mercy. No prisoners. No treaties.




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This article was written for rentmoreweeks by Mercedes Brennan – you can follow Mercedes on Twitter at @1ChicRetreat

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