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Vacation Rentals – Best Season Ever

Here at Rent More Weeks and Bookingsplus4g (our teaching site) we don’t go around blowing our own trumpet. We leave that to others that say they are the best, they were the first, that sort of thing.

We are more interested in developing new systems, better ways of doing things and getting results for owners that we work with than we are about bragging.

But this was just posted in our private B+4G community and we wanted to share it here…

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A big thank you to +rentmoreweeks and this community

We have had our best ever season this year (after our worst ever last year!) I put it down to a combination of factors:

1 Definitely Alan’s Social Media Marketing and Social Media Integration courses have had huge benefits. I think this has been great for inspiring confidence with guests visiting the website. It has been a slow build (which has sometimes discouraged me after all the time invested), but this year we have seen a lot more clicking through from social media posts. Thanks to everyone here (in this community) for the +1s and and Likes.

2 Website improvements. Having had more time to work on it I have used quite a few of my social media posts to add new reference sections which are getting picked up on more general web searches. We often get compliments about the website which is a Promote My Place template one. I am a bit undecided about whether to switch to WordPress – I’m hoping that learning more about it will help me make an informed choice. I have looked at the sites of Naomi Saunders, Sandra Mandalia, Sarah Chambers and Fruts Sue all of which I find inspirational .

NB Authors note… These 4 owners built their websites via the B+4G WordPress for vacation rental owners course.
3 Issues in other Eastern Med resorts encouraging more people to visit Cyprus.

4 Implementing suggestions from fellow owners. I find both B+4G and LayMyHat communities invaluable sources of support and ideas. I’m also following useful blogs which I was unaware of before embarking on Alan Egan’s courses.

I have had the confidence to ditch Owners Direct who only provided one booking this season. Time will tell if we can sustain this year’s success. Fingers crossed. We already have bookings for 2017 and 2018 which is a good sign.

Thank you everyone for all your help. I count myself lucky that Antonio Bortolotti  introduced us via his Vacation Rental World Summit at just the right time (before all this madness with the listing sites.)

Nikki Salter

We would like to say a big thanks to Nikki for her kind words but more importantly offer huge congratulations for doing so well in what can only be described as difficult times for owners renting holiday properties. Well done Nikki.