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I came across this “review” concerning Owners Direct on Trust Pilot and thought that I would share it here as it seems to sum up a lot of the feelings toward Expedia, Homeaway, VRBO, Stayz, etc.

I should also mention that Owners Direct now has a 0.3 out of 10 rating on Trust Pilot (the actual wording is that the company have a Trust Score of 0.3 out of 10). That’s as bad as it gets. Senior executives from Expedia and Homeaway keep saying that everything in the garden is rosy but from where I’m sitting these companies aren’t bathing in sunshine. These hundreds of angry, scathing reviews are very frosty indeed.

Anyway, here’s just one review. This one’s from John…

John raises and interesting point regarding “Owners Direct” and trading standards.

You may want to read to the end just to absorb John’s Brexpedia concept too.

Expedia Exgreedia

As a long term owner and client of Owners Direct, I am appalled by Expedia’s ram roading of owners. They have been pressurising me into accepting online bookings but I have refused. For one thing, they give just 24 hours for owners to reject or approve a booking but what if I have an offline enquiry in process or am not able to respond in 24 hours?

They are pressurising me to use their credit card booking system when all this does is cost me 2.5% per booking for no discernible benefit.

They now want to charge the client a booking fee for no benefit whatsoever! They are hiding behind the thin veil that it is all so much safer for the holiday maker but at huge expense to them. Also, how much safer will it be when scammers imitate their site and rip people off? Likewise, it is only a matter of time before their site is hacked and all that credit card information is stolen. At least when you deal with a owner directly, you are dealing with a real person that can be easily verified as real (Google, Facebook, etc). They simply want to make more money so why can’t they be honest, keep it as it was and simply charge more for listings? What they have done is buy a beautiful butterfly and now they’re busy pulling the wings off it. Our booking enquiries have completely stopped so I am now looking for alternatives. Well done Expedia, you just destroyed a successful business and opened up the field for your competitors. I am leaving and will never personally book anything through your sites again.
Here are a list of brands that Expedia use, there are probably many more:
Orbitz Worldwide
Wotif Group
Classic Vacations
Expedia Local Expert
Expedia CruiseShipCenters
I will be avoiding all of these companies because if Expedia are charging my clients 8% over the true direct price then they presumably are overcharging on all their sites/businesses.
These charges should be clearly set out on the website when people book stating that the charge only applies when not paying the “owner direct” (there’s a clue in the name) but this distinction is not made and as such this is in breach of the Advertising Standards Act. You can make a complaint to Advertising Standards just Google them.
Now, how would it be if we, our friends and all of our clients made a stand against Expedia, a kind of Brexpedia in the way that the great British public made a stand against the EU? I will be emailing all of my past clients alerting them to this additional charge and advising them of how to book direct with me along with details of where I will be marketing my property in the future. Imagine if everyone did the same? The Expedia business model would wither on the vine and the sooner the better. Make your views go viral.

Here’s Owners Direct’s reply to John…

Hi John,

We know that travellers want online booking for faster, easier booking. Accepting online booking requests also helps your placement in search results based on our Best Match system. While you may not have control over what travellers search for (e.g., location, dates), you can manage the key factors that drive Best Match – find out more here: https://help.ownersdirect.co.uk/articles/Why-online-booking-is-important

We would also like to point out that you do not need to take credit card payments and can offer your travellers secure payments in the method you prefer. The transaction fees, if you do choose to accept credit card payments usually range between 1.4 and 2.2%. For more information on how the service fee can benefit your travellers please have a look at the following link: https://help.ownersdirect.co.uk/articles/Why-should-I-book-or-pay-online-through-the-Owners-Direct-checkout
Also, when travellers book online they are eligible for our Book with Confidence Guarantee. More information can be found here: https://help.ownersdirect.co.uk/articles/What-is-the-Book-with-Confidence-Guarantee-OD

We hope this has sufficiently addressed your concerns and that you do consider using our service platform in the future.

“We hope this has sufficiently addressed your concerns” – Somehow I don’t think that’s enough for John.
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