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Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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5 Tips for excellent customer service

  1. Always get back to guests. Even if you can’t help them and your holiday rental is full for those dates, always respond. You never know when they may want to come to your area again.
  2. Personalise it – Use their first name if you know it and reference any personal details, for example where are they travelling from, in any reply or conversations you have.
  3. Be available. I don’t mean 24/7 but within reasonable working hours and schedule some hours of work over the weekend. This can be the difference between capturing a booking and not>
  4. Be a good listener. Always listen to exactly what guests are asking you or telling you, not what you think they are asking or telling you. Listen, empathise and then respond.
  5. Be honest and don’t over promise If you’re asked how far away is the nearest restaurant, don’t say it’s a 10 min walk away when really it’s 20 minutes away.

VR Business - 5 Tips For Excellent Customer Service

Posted by Karen Spencer of http://thebusinessofholidayrental.com/

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