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Vacation rental styling expert Mercedes Brennan      By Mercedes Brennan [su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” divider_color=”#fa692b” size=”2″]

I think kitchenettes need to pack a huge punch.


Because kitchenettes are mistakenly viewed as the ugly step-sisters to their proper kitchen sisters. You typically find them in mini vacation rentals or in the rented-out portion of an otherwise owner-occupied home (think Airbnb). And often such spaces are designed as afterthoughts.

Or worse, on the fly.

This is a lost opportunity. Why?

Because although owners don’t put much thought into kitchenettes, guests do.

In a big way.

Here’s the thing. The entire goal of a kitchenette is to provide a super convenient means to prepare simple meals – toasting bagels, making coffee or tea, baking a to-go pizza or even frying an egg – saving guests both time and money. Going to restaurants for mundane meals is something most guests want to avoid (which gets expensive after several days on vacation.) When you do something nice for guests like saving them money and making it easier to prepare food and drink, they like you more. In fact, they have warm and fuzzy feelings towards you.

So basically when put that way, the kitchenette is the star of the show, right?

And because it’s the star of the show, it should be designed as such. The key is to create a kitchenette so eye-worthy that it hooks people into booking. Without hesitation.

How do you do that?

By copying from kitchenettes who are already crushing it in beguiling convenience and alluring design. The following kitchenettes are all crushing it! Look, learn (and mimic.)

AAAA (2)


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This article was written for rentmoreweeks by Mercedes Brennan – you can follow Mercedes on Twitter at @1ChicRetreat

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