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Struggling with a small vacation rental? Try these strategies for making a room feel bigger.

Many holiday rental owners struggle with small rooms. Cottages, condos, and apartments don’t typically have large expansive rooms and they are the most common dwellings purchased for vacation rentals. So what is an owner to do? Rely on the cozy factor, cross their fingers guests won’t mind?

While square meters are limiting, there are design strategies that effectively fool the eye into thinking a room is bigger. A more expansive feeling room will allow people to feel more relaxed, which is just exactly the way you want your guests to feel.

Here are two design tactics that will do the trick:

  1. Get a large rug that almost fills the entire room. A common design error is to assume a small room demands a small rug; the truth is just the opposite. A small rug in a small room will make the room appear even smaller. On the contrary, a large rug that fills the entire room will make the room appear bigger.
  2. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Mirrors fool the eye into thinking a room is bigger. It’s amazing how a narrow hallway or living room will appear wider with mirrors. Furthermore, mirrors welcome more light into a room, especially when they reflect the outdoors, which also makes a room feel more expansive.

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