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Homeaway “Service” Fee Starts In Europe

Homeaway and it’s various companies will be introducing their so called “service” fee across Europe next month.

Homeaway "Service" Fee Starts In Europe

Here’s how it will roll out…

  • 1st week in June – Homeaway.co.uk and Ownersdirect
  • 2nd week of June  – Abritel, Homelidays, Homeaway Austria
  • 3rd week of June – Homelidays (Spain and Italy), Homeaway (Spain and Italy)
  • 4th week of June – Homeaway (Portugal and Holland)
  • 5th week of June – FeWo, Homeaway (Finland, Poland and Greece)



What’s it going to cost?

Service fee prices vary depending on the cost of the holiday but range from around 8% extra on bookings of between £70 and £700 (£5.46 – £54.60 extra cost to the traveller) to around 4% on higher price rentals of  £6000 (guest pays an extra £249 [maximum]).

You can see exactly how much extra your guests will have to pay here…


More details here https://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/lp/building-for-the-future/service-fee