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How To Get Wealthy Tesla Owners Flocking to Your Vacation Rental

I came across this great article by Steve Sasman and thought that I would share it here.

Great stuff Steve.
The referral period has ended but this is very clever thinking and smart owners that follow this advice could do very well.

As an owner of a vacation rental, you are probably wishing you could snap your fingers and suddenly tap into a lucrative new market of very desirable clients.

For those unaware of the Tesla, it’s the hottest car company in the world right now. It’s cars are made in the USA and are a purely Silicon Valley California product. High-Tech and 100% Electric. As in no gas, no tailpipe, no pollution.  Eco-friendly and faster than a Porsche. They also cost $70,000 to $140,000 each, so the owners are types who can afford a nice vacation in your home. But why are they going to choose YOUR vacation rental?  Because you were smart enough to see this trend and give them the one thing they need on the road. A place to charge like they do in their own garage.

Charging a Tesla

Well, Tesla is smart and wants to make it easy for you. They are offering FREE Tesla Chargers (a $750 value) for some vacation rental owners to offer this service. It’s called Destination Charging. Lots of high end hotels are already signed up.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 4.24.55 PMWhy you want to add a Tesla Charger at your Vacation Rental:

Tesla owners are affluent, and love to take free road trips on the Tesla SuperCharger network. However, once the travelers get to a destination like a typical vacation rental beach town or ski area they may have no place to charge their car at their final destination. This is where you, the smart VR owner, can grab these potential guests. If choosing between similar VR’s, they will pick the one with a Tesla charger every single time!

You can get your VR website listed on the Tesla website. This is HUGE. Not only does having a massive site like Tesla link to your site really boost your website’s ranking, but this is where Tesla owners go when researching where to stay before leaving on a trip. Additionally, anyone currently on a road trip will also see your listing on the large Tesla map in the car.  Not only will you be on the same map as many exclusive 4 star Hotels, but you will be one of the very few vacation rentals on the map. Tesla Map - great for SEO of your VR

And here’s what it looks like on the Tesla’s 17? in car monitor.  All a customer has to do is pressNavigate to go right to your VR. Yes, you would add the “For Patrons Only” message as you don’t want Tesla owners dropping by who don’t have a reservation.

Tesla Vacation Rental Charger20151110_170928

Why do you think hotels were the first to offer Free Wifi?  Because it was a small price to pay to attract a new customer that was paying good money for a room.  With a Tesla Charger, you are also getting an excuse to market this unique amenity. Not only is it an extra perk, but it has a “Wow” factor and an eco-friendly factor that you can speak to as well.

Marketing Action Plan:

  1. Get Tesla Charger installed.
  2. Make sure Tesla adds you to it’s map.
  3. Add your listing to PlugShare.com and as many car charging maps as you can.
  4. Add your Tesla Charger to every listing site you use including AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO,TripAdvisor and so on.
  5. Send out an email announcement about the new charger at a time when you just so happen to need some bookings.
  6. Contact your local paper, TV station, etc, to see if you can get some local press to talk about your “Green VR”.
  7. Write up a blog post on your VR blog.

How to get a Tesla Destination Charger for Free:

Go Here to apply for a Destination Charger  just scroll down to the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page. This page also describes how the program works.


You may have to pay for the installation of the charger. In some cases, Tesla will actually pay for the install. If not, this cost can vary greatly depending on your locations existing electrical set up. It could be less than a few hundred or more than a few thousand if you have to dig trenches, move panels etc. to put the charger in a convienient place. The first step is getting approved in the first place. Once you’ve done that, reach out and ask if they will cover the install.

As far as ongoing costs, you will be responsible for the electricity your guests use. The good news is a typical overnight charge will be $2 to $7 (the cost fill up a Tesla up to 250 miles of charge – MUCH cheaper than filling up a tank of gas).  Not a bad price to pay for someone spending hundreds of dollars a night that you probably would not have had otherwise.

Want a Tesla Model S for yourself?

Now that you have a charger in your own garage, why not?  Use my $1000 Off Tesla Discount code to save on a new Tesla.

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Source: http://vrownersguide.com/how-to-get-wealthy-tesla-owners-flocking-to-your-vacation-rental/