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What It Takes to Be an Airbnb Host That Has Soul

Snezana Krdzic

By Snezana Krdzic of Short Term Stays

We all have soul right? But what we want to address today is how to keep the soul behind the basic idea of the home sharing industry, and not let it become just your business. Being an Airbnb host is a game we’d all love to participate in, and we can, but it requires certain work. When we get asked what makes a great Airbnb host, we always think our answer through. Most of the blogs you read online will tell you that it’s all about prepping your rental top to bottom, and always keeping it spick and span. While this is true, we always like to remind future hosts that the hospitality industry is about more than just learning how to manage a property.

It’s actually about learning to be a better, selfless you. It’s about opening your home and your mind to new people and cultures, and learning how to put the needs of your guests in the forefront. Because there has been a lot of talk about Airbnb losing its soul and becoming a hardcore business, we believe that all hosts need a little reminder that this isn’t true.

We do believe that hosts should get a chance to earn their income, but at the same time, Airbnb hosts shouldn’t be cold and absent business people. Here’s what all of us need to be reminded of and practice each and every day with our guests.

Personal Welcome

Although welcome baskets and luxuriously furnished Airbnb will score you some extra brownie points, nothing beats an old-fashioned, eye-to-eye welcome. The hosting game is all about creating a warm and personalized experience, and you want your guest to feel this as soon as they step foot in your Airbnb.

Nobody is going to blame you if you’re unable to meet them in person because sometimes life gets in the way. That’s fine. But when you can, try to be there, with a big smile and a helping hand. Introduce yourself to the guests. You’re not just a robot, you have a name and a face, and once they see this it takes their experience to a whole other level, right off the bat.

Be Polite and Respectful

No matter what kind of a day you had, always be polite and respectful. Nobody expects you to crack hilarious jokes all the time, but you are obliged to provide a welcome from the heart. As great as it would be, guests don’t want to hear about your troubles and problems when they get to your home. They want to settle in and relax, and potentially hear about the interesting places to eat and explore around your area.

Express Gratitude

Airbnb hosts often forget this, but they need to show their guests appreciation. Thank them for staying with you when they arrive and when they leave as well. Ask them if they need your help and express your will to make their stay as comfortable and fun as they want it to be.

Put Their Needs First

We’re not suggesting to completely forget about your own life. But if you decided to be the best host you can be and create unforgettable experiences for your guests, you have to put their needs first. Their happiness is a priority, but make sure you let them know.

When your guests feel great, you’ll feel great too. It’s not about you getting great reviews and more money. It’s tending to their needs, making their stay more comfortable and unique. Try and ask yourself on a daily basis: How can I communicate better with my guest and make his stay with me amazing?

You Make the Home

Focus on making your home their home. Make them feel as if they were home, only better. And don’t stress over placing the furniture in the right place, because that’s not what makes a home. That makes a hotel room. Genuine hospitality isn’t about being perfect, it’s about creating an atmosphere and showing true care for their needs and desires. Welcome your guests properly, pay attention to them, show true interest in their stories, try to connect with them and enable them to feel like they are in their home.

Give without expecting anything in return. That’s the only way you will get something in return. But focus on giving what your guests can’t buy with money, and you’ll also get something that you can’t put a price on and we’ll ultimately transform you into an Airbnb host of dreams.



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