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Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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Get you holiday rental photo-ready

1 Clean everything
The camera never lies and that dust under the sofa will show up!

2 Dont mislead
What guests see in the photo needs to be for their use. For example it’s unfair and misleading to show a flat screen tv in the shot, because it looks good, when it’ll be replaced by something older for guest’s use.

3 Get the detail right
Know which shots you want taken and take time to stage and present that space. Plump up the cushions, straighten duvets, arrange flowers in a vase. Look at the space from all angles.

4 Set the scene
You’ll use your images to sell the lifestyle your holiday home will give your guests, as well as using them as room shots. So set the wine glasses out on the patio table, light the fire, set up a tea tray, get out your walking boots. Use these “props” in your images.

Happy snapping!

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