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A vacation rental property manager wrote to us complaining about Flipkey this week and we thought that we would share it here in order to highlight some issues that owners and managers are experiencing…
Have you had other VR PMs complain of the changes and problems with FlipKey lately?
Apart from them advertising other properties and competing destinations on the$350/yr  subscription page that WE PAY FOR (to ultimately get the visitors to click our property; then they want to get them off ? Are they getting paid for impressions?)…
1. They have removed the Flipkey Widget tool (API) that permitted the reviews to feed through to our own websites for newer listings.  ALSO; unless you use their dashboard tool to invite ALL guest who stay at your properties; the reviews that are added to the FlipKsubscription page directly (outside of that broad automated tool) are not fed back to existing properties that have the API.  Our company qualifies guests with a preliminary email asking about their stay…if generally positive, we send them the request for a FLipKey review (this apparently has been in vain, since they only show up on FlipKeys webpage and are not fed through to our website anymore- we were not advised of this change).
2. The second issue we have had is that FlipKey accidentally/software update? (Jan 4 as we can determine) shut off the flow of inquiries to our email address that they had been using for years. That email address prompts an auto-responder and then we follow up with phone calls and emails.  FlipKey only counts for about 10% of our traffic; but we didn’t receive one inquiry from them for over 60 days.  When I called to complain; they blamed it on our side… so I hired our tech guys at www.gueststream.com to investigate and they tested and back tested the email addresses (HomeAway and VRBO as well as our site had no issues with that email address; we receive hundreds each month)… it was all on FlipKey.  They made us change our email address with them and then we could be fed inquiries. No admission of guilt or error.
When I sent them the results of the investigation and summary; they offered us one free month of service for the (then) 75 days outage; saying that we should have been logging into our FlipKey dashboard each day for inquiries!!  If PMs had to monitor each dashboard for HomeAway/VRBO, AirBNB, Booking pal; etc… we wouldn’t  get any work done.  Besides; they contracted with us to use email.
SO after a month of going back and forth with our 3rd sales rep in 12 months (they freely admit that the do not have “phone-facing” tech support, we have discontinued their service and requested a refund of the March 4 renewal for 60 properties.  They refused and told us that we were stuck with them until march of 2017!
So I called American Express and they reversed the charges after I explained the contractual breaches and poor service.
I spoke with another large VR (vendor-PMS) website management company and he said I am not alone. They have MANY PM clients with FlipKey issues and feeding reviews.  Just poorly managed and operated.
Perhaps  they can hire an ex-HomeAway guy to come in and run it? There are a few of those running around!

Are you advertising with Flipkey? What are your feelings about the company?

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