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By Alan Egan

 Homeaway Drop Tiered Subscriptions

As of yesterday Homeaway announced new changes regarding their subscription charges.
In summary they will do away with tiered listings as of the 11th of July and replace them with just two subscription packages.
Confusingly they call these two options “One annual subscription”
Here’s what they have to say…
“The new annual subscription will be offered at a flat rate of $349 for subscriptions with online booking enabled and $499 for subscriptions without online booking enabled”.
On the face of it that represents a considerable saving for the many owners that are now paying for platinum packages and below – but as Homeaway had switched to “best match”, these packages weren’t performing as they had in the past anyway – Hence the “Bait and switch” lawsuit.
[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If you are currently on a classic package, and you aren’t using online booking they will hike your subscription fee by a whopping 25% from $399 to $499.[/pullquote]
If you opt for the non book it now package the company have already hinted at the fact that you won’t show up in search, so what’s the point in that? Here’s $500 dollars for not promoting my property! 
Bizarrely enough the worst thing that came out of yesterdays moves was a change in the companies terms and conditions…
At one stage Homeaway’s T and C’s stated that…
  • All listings created or renewed after May 1, 2016, must use online booking;
  • All listings created or renewed after May 1, 2016, (both subscription and pay-per-booking)must use the HomeAway checkout to finalise bookings that result from an inquiry or booking initiated on the Site;

Once this started going around the web the company retracted / removed these clauses.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 23.23.03

Now it’s not like this is a simple typo is it?

In my opinion it’s more like a peek into the future.
HA have for some time said that all listings will need to become online bookable but this “error” indicates that all bookings will need to go through the Homeaway checkout at some time in the future. 
These clauses were written for a reason. The only error was publishing them now!
If and when this comes into force this will result in yet more percentage points of an owners or managers income going to the company.
What next? When will it stop?

We will keep you updated as we learn more about these changes.

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