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Vacation Rental Bedding - Only The Chicest Survive
Vacation rental styling expert Mercedes Brennan      By Mercedes Brennan 

Vacation Rental Bedding – Only The Chicest Survive

It’s March and it’s that time of year when I start searching for summer vacation rentals for my family. This summer we are going to coastal Maine, a place I have never been before. I’ve done some research and know basically in what areas we want to stay.

I’m a vacation rental interior designer so not only do I have fun looking at potential bookings, but I also learn a lot, both what works at catching my eye and what doesn’t.

This post is about something that definitely, definitely DOESN’T work and the interesting thing is that it’s a relatively easy thing to fix.

Ugly bedding.

Ugly bedding kills bookings. Period. Doesn’t matter how great the rest of the house is. If the bedding is tacky, dated, cheap looking or shabby, it’s a money loser. Here’s why:

After I put in my preferred location, dates, desired bedrooms and rate range in coastal Maine, I look for two things: beauty and comfort. And the photos tell all.

Many properties post a ‘view’ photograph first. Awesome! I appreciate this. I love to know what I’ll be looking at when I sit on the back porch with a fine cup of joe. If I find the view beguiling, I go to the next photo.

But if the next photo or few photos down are a bedroom with ugly bedding, I literally click, “Back to Search Results.” It’s that simple.


Because I assume that if this owner thinks that ugly bedding is okay, what else is she/he going to think will pass muster? Am I going to have a cheap mattress to go with it or a scratched non-stick pan for my morning omelettes? It’s likely.

Next listing please!

Vacation Rental Bedding - Only The Chicest Survive

Bedding is a design element that you want to put some thought into. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash here, but you do have to think out textures, pillows and sheets.

For those of us who either think they have no ability to put a chic bed together or don’t have the time, here’s a simple strategy. Go to a chic but not terribly expensive shopping venue. Click on the bedding tab and look at suggested ensembles. Habitat in the UK or West Elm in the USA are good, reliable sites that deliver very chic options.

So take a look at your current bedding and ask yourself or a trusted friend with good taste if the bedding is chic and beguiling. Be honest. Get rid of it if there’s any hesitation. This is one area where you don’t want to mess up.

Remember when it comes to Vacation Rental Bedding – Only The Chicest Survive

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