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Rohinita CharanBy Rohinita Charan of Panaviz

Vacation Rental Photography

Professionals v Owners

This week we start a series of occasional articles by Rohinita of Panaviz that highlight the difference between professionally taken photos and those taken by owners. In my view Panaviz are the best hotel, resort, vacation rental & real estate photographers in the business – We can all learn a lot from them.

These articles don’t need words to highlight the power of better images as the photos themselves do all of the talking.

Just compare the two images then, if you haven’t done so, contact a professional photographer in your area and up your game. Whatever it costs you will recoup your costs with the first booking and the new images will bring in booking after booking.

The devil is in the detail. – Alan Egan, Rent More Weeks

Here are the two photos…

Professional photography

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Rohinita is head of business development at PanaViz, Hotel, Resort, Vacation Rental & Real Estate Photography

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