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Vacation rental marketing guy Alan Egan  By Alan Egan

The Vacation Rental Photography And Staging Bible

Hello Alan here,

I have just published a new vacation rental photography book.

The Vacation Rental Photography and Staging Bible. Get your copy today

This book combines my existing guides (over 1,000 copies downloaded) along with updated and new material. The new book has over 100 full colour pages along with real life photo makeover examples, professional tips and checklists.

Full details below,

Master the art that leads to higher vacation rental bookings – and directly profit from it!

These are the secrets that you can use to offer your potential guests what they are looking for in vacation rentals –
by showing them precisely what they like to see

The vacation rental photography and staging bible

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Only $27.00

Vacation Rentals are not rocket science – but there’s an art with key secrets to make it work, and, as a Vacation Rental marketing and photography expert, I’ve condensed all these Vacation Rental promotional secrets in an easy-to-read and easier-to-apply guide that will help you to boost your Vacation Rental bookings.

After all, you know that this market is booming. You’ve tried it and you’ve seen how profitable it can be. The problem is that, so far, you are only seeing the potential but not feeling the full results.

And I can tell why: you’re not presenting your property in a way that shows the stunning value that potential guests are looking for. That’s why, as promising as you know that this market is, you’re not seizing the gains.

The vacation rental photography and staging bible preview

Over 100 pages of full colour examples and easy to follow checklists

That’s why I’ve written ‘THE VACATION RENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND STAGING BIBLE: The Trade Secrets That Double Bookings’ – a unique eBook that provides simple and actionable insights about how you can present your properties in a truly customer-appealing way that actually converts into higher bookings.

You see, you’re not alone in this position. Over the years, in my extensive experience in this field, I’ve seen two clear patterns:

Vacation rental owners who have good or even excellent places but who struggle to generate the kind of bookings they should expect to have – because they market them poorly and present them in a substandard way

Vacation rental owners who have good or sometimes not that great places but who are struggling to cope with the booking demand for their places – because they present them spectacularly and know that first impressions are a make-or-break in this market

The vacation rental photography and staging bible

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Only $27.00

Sure, you can hire a professional Vacation Rental marketer and photographer like me to help you double or triple your bookings. However, there are not many truly qualified professionals in this field available to help you – and those who can help you will charge you a hefty fee for their work.

So I’ve created the easiest, simplest and most actionable and affordable way for you to obtain the professional-standard results.
By getting your copy of ‘THE VACATION RENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND STAGING BIBLE: The Trade Secrets That Double Bookings’ eBook, you’ll have a great map, providing a great ROI, that will guide you through:

Vacation Rental CSI: the fundamental mistakes that most VR owners make – the easy fix errors

Standing Out From The Crowd: the use of “Occupied” photos and the micro staging concept

Camera Basics: a basic look at cameras, equipment and settings

Staging Masterclass: taking specific shots, prepping rooms and the lowdown on what images convert to bookings

Building An Online Portfolio: how to show more than just your property

The Photoshoot: pre-shoot planning, the shoot itself, checklists, galleries and video

Precious Checklists for High-Value Results

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If you’re serious about turning serious profits in the Vacation Rental industry, and if you’re ready to turn your property into a guest-hooking listing that will become a guest-booking success, this is the map that we’ll get you there.

Click here to get THE VACATION RENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND STAGING BIBLE – and see your bookings double.

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