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Google Plus Is Dead – Long Live Google Plus

Google Plus Is Dead - Long Live Google Plus

There has been so much written regarding the death of Google Plus over the past couple of years, only last week I saw another couple of, ill informed, articles regarding it’s demise.
This time last year Matt Landau of the vacation rental marketing blog predicted that it would be scrapped within a year.

Yet it’s still here.

Oh how these articles make me laugh.
Everyone agrees that Google are one of the most important ingredients of any marketing mix and with Google Plus the company are offering each of us a seat at their table – but most marketers ignore this opportunity of sharing what we do and know directly with the company. More fool them!

G+ is in fact going from strength to strength.

There was a major makeover last November which saw a switch to focusing on mobile (something that we all should be paying attention to) along with a few key improvements (with a focus on communities and the introduction of G+ collections).

Only last week Google hired Chris Poole, formally of 4chan infamy to bring his community building spirit to hand.

They have also launched “G+ Create Program” where  they’re “looking for people who have both a passion for their subject, and also put great effort and craft into their posts.”

They added that the G+ team’s goal is to “continually evolve the program to accommodate participants around the world, that represent varying interests and passions.”

Note that “the G+ team’s goal is to “continually evolve the program”. This verbiage highlights the companies commitment to the platform.

All of this adds up to a major opportunity for VR owners and managers to shine in Google’s eyes.

To put some of this into context with the vacation rental sector I wanted to share a few facts regarding owners that I’ve taught to use the platform via my social marketing video course.

Jenny Wilkes
Meet Jenny Wilkes…

Last week Jenny wrote to me saying…

I am pleased regarding my collection Places to See in Brighton and Sussex

Since having it featured (by G+) 6 weeks ago I have gone from around 1500 following that collection to 16,500. 

My page views have gone up by 4.5 million in the last month and I have gained an additional 170 followers in the last 4 weeks.

These are amazing figures (in fact since writing to me that collection  has gained another 1,500 followers!

Naomi Saunders
Meet Naomi Saunders…

In the last year Naomi’s G+ Cotswold self catering family holiday guide has had over 30 million page views. Her Cotswold “What’s on” collection alone has over 25,000 followers.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Naomi’s bookings were up by 300%, year on year, in January.[/pullquote]

Pretty incredible numbers as I’m sure you will agree. Especially considering that so many people say that Google Plus is dead.
In fact that’s one of the advantages.
Not many VR owners or managers are using it so those that are are in a class of their own.

Google is rewarding these same owners and managers with high ranking in search which in turn drives traffic directly to these same owners and managers websites (hence the increase in bookings).

If you would like to master social marketing and G+ in particular why not join Jenny and Naomi by signing up for my social marketing course where I teach the best practices for using the platform.

Here’s a short (15 minute) introductory video, from the course, that shows what sets the platform apart from the other social networks along with it’s basic functionality. Why not make yourself a cuppa and see what’s possible.


If you have any questions please ask them in the comments section below or drop me a line at alan [at] bookingsplus4g [dot] com

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] RememberGoogle are “looking for people who have both a passion for their subject, and also put great effort and craft into their posts.” [/pullquote]

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