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Copywriting for Social Media 

Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

Holiday Rental Business


Holiday Rental Business
Copywriting for Social Media

Once you have new content, such as a blog post, it’s important you share it as widely as possible. The answer to the question “can I put the same content onto each social media platform?” is yes.
But you will need to adapt and vary the copy so it fits better with each social media platform.

LinkedIn – although getting more visual, it’s still a business forum and your content and copy needs to reflect this platform’s more “serious” nature. Think of it as talking to your boss.
Facebook – more casual, more conversational, more visual, more like a chat with your friends than with your boss.
Google + – less formal than LinkedIn but less informal than Facebook so the style of your copy should sit between the two. Talk to your work colleague rather than your friends or your boss.
Twitter – copy has to be succint and include more links and bait to get visitors to click through

Get sharing that content!

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Copywriting for Social Media

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