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Holiday Rental Business Tip | Why Do I Need To Spend So Much Time Online?

Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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Why do I need to spend so much time online?

Because this is where your customers will find you and where they’ll be actively looking for you!

Being online consists of doing social media, having your own website and marketing yourself on key third party listing sites.

Doing social media may often feel like shouting down a very dark tunnel but it’s all about being persistent and consistent. You have to approach the social media world from a place of giving and relationship building, not as a place to bring in some cash. You have to think longterm not short term gains. You’re building your brand one post at a time.

Being online through your own website is the best way to showcase your property, its area and you as a host. Use carefully selected listing sites as a way of driving traffic to your own website. Not to mention that valuable, useful content that you’ll be posting on social media, all subtly designed for customers to get to know you, like you, get to your website and then book with you.



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