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Vacation rental marketing guy Alan Egan   By Alan Egan

Nice Vacation Rental News Week

Last week Julia of @ParadiseFound left the following comment here on rentmoreweeks regarding Karen Spencer’s latest post

Alan, these are my favorite posts to read. Not stressful, lighthearted and the fun side of the VR business. Thanks for needed relief.

I’ve taken Julia’s comment to heart and declared this week on RMW’s – Nice Vacation Rental News Week.

So in an effort to add a bit of blue to the overcast grey skies that are seemingly overhead no matter where you sit in the VR world, here goes…

And to kick things off we have a video that was sent to Sandra of Arkvilla.com by one of her guests.


I love this. It just goes to prove that the VR business is not all about dealing with big listing sites, grumpy neighbours or broken plates. There is a nice side to it too – Just ask Lily.

So if you have any nice VR stories please share them here or mail them to me and maybe we can all cheer each other up and recall some of the things that keep us in this business.

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Thanks, Alan