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Vacation rental marketing guy Alan Egan   By Alan Egan

Part 5.

A great, easy to produce, example video and finding free video clips to enhance your own videos.

Video Marketing written on the road

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Vacation Rental Marketing – Video – Free video clips

We have two things for you this week.

First off we have a video from Naomi Saunders of cotswoldfamilyholidays.com. This is a new video that Naomi produced this week and it combines photos of her holiday home with short video clips taken locally.

This is simple to do and the combination works really well.

Here’s the video.

Naomi has simply used the pan and zoom technique that we looked at in part 3 of this series and inserted short video clips of various activities inbetween them.

I think this works really well and paints a very nice picture of what you get if you choose to holiday at her property. It has a nice pace to it too. It’s quite calming to watch and I think that is a good emotion to envoke when selling a holiday.

A lot of that feeling is transmitted through the choice of music and the emotional pull would be very different if this video had a techno track blaring out. If you are producing, say, a skiing video (if you own a chalet) you may want a faster soundtrack to go with the action.
I’m no expert on this but experiment with various soundtracks before publishing your video.

The good news is that this video is getting views. It’s already been seen 45 times and it’s only been on Youtube for 5 days.

It can only help with driving people to her website and improve her conversion rate. Win win.

Secondly today I want to share a comment and a link that was sent to me by Patricia Sarais of Simply Chillout – Holidays in South Sardinia

Praticia said,

As I was watching the +Cotswolds self catering family holiday rental guide new clip, I realized that I have lots of pictures, but not so much video footage. So, I started looking for free video footage on the web and found for example www.videvo.net. Does anyone know of other websites?

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.59.37


So even if you only have photos you may well be able to add a free video clip or more between your pan and zoom clips in order to spice up your video. This may also help if you are creating your video out of season.

For example, I searched using the term ‘beach’ and found this clip that would work for many people

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.11.19

Have a look through Videvo.com and you may find something useful to enhance your own vacation rental marketing videos.

Join us next week for part 6 of the series where we will look at optimising your videos


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