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Holiday rental business rule of 3s

Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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The rule of 3s

I was taught the rule of 3s during my home styling training. So when it came to styling my holiday rental I followed this rule and it worked for me!

The rule applies to accessories and in particular how many to use on any one surface.

It can apply to 3 pieces of artwork hung side by side in a collection. But more often, the rule applies to furniture surfaces.
For example, for a side table you would apply the rule – one lamp, one small vase, one larger vase of flowers; on a coffee table – some tealights, a pile of magazines and a small bowl.

If the surface is larger eg a mantel piece then the rule of 5s is allowed. Generally an odd number works best, it looks less symmetrical, less matching, more natural. But stick to using 3 items so your room doesn’t look cluttered, nor does the room look bare.


Holiday rental business rule_3s


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