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Holiday Rental Business Tip | The Value Of A Feedback Form


Holiday Rental Business Tip | The Value Of A Feedback Form

Vacation rental marketing expert Karen SpencerBy vacation rental marketing expert, Karen Spencer

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The value of a feedback form

The information a vacation rental owner can glean from a feedback form (or evaluation form) is gold dust!
Yet few owners ask for feedback in this way. With 10-12 easy to answer questions, answered on paper, whilst guests are staying with you, you can gain such a valuable insight into what they really think about:

  • your website
  • your arrival information
  • your cleaning standards
  • your property’s facilities
  • you as a host
  • is anything broken/missing
  • would they stay with you again
  • would they visit this area again
  • would they recommend you to others
  • are they happy to be added to your mailing list

Keep the questions simple, for example “on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate….”. Also ensure you give guests the space to explain their answers if need be.

Be clear on your feedback form that you want guests to be honest with you. This is the place where you want guests to write anything negative (no matter how small), as only you will read it, rather than in the guest book or online for all to read!
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This article was posted by Karen Spencer. Karen is founder of thebusinessofholidayrental.com and owner of luxuryspringcottageyorkshire.co.uk – She is a regular contributor to rentmoreweeks.

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