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By Sean Preston of Vabooki.com
Owning a website for your vacation rental property is the first step in taking control of your businesses online presence and will hopefully lead to many future bookings for your property. One significant factor which will help you achieve a goal of ongoing bookings via your website is your websites position in Google. Google is the worlds most popular search engine and is used over 3.5 billion times per day from locations around the world, but how do you improve the position of your website in such a large search engine? We’ve compiled the top 5 tips to doing just that!
First, let’s clarify something. The process of improving ones search engine position is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. If you want to continue reading about this topic further you’ll want to be searching for things like “SEO tips” to avoid being bombarded with companies selling you an SEO service.
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TIP 1: Keep your website up to date and add content at regular intervals.

Google themselves once said “content is king”. This saying refers to the level of importance Google places on a websites content when deciding where to position you in its results. You should be creating high quality content that your readers will find informative and will enjoy reading. This type of content should be added at regular intervals. The more often you add content to your website the more often Google will check your website for changes and reconsider your websites position in its rankings.
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TIP 2: Link your website to social media

Depending on how your website is setup, linking your website to social media may not be so easy. If you use a form of vacation rental software such as Vabooki or even a blogging platform such as WordPress then you should be able to link your website to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus with very little effort. Google has admitted that it makes use of data from social media accounts when considering your websites position. So be sure to post regular and gain as many natural shares or likes as you can.
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TIP 3: Link building

Building links to your website has always been and still is the best way of improving your websites ranking in Google. Link building for vacation rental properties is easy. Start by listing your property on large listing websites that allow you to include a link to your website in your property profile. Once you’ve done this write travel articles about your local area and contact travel blog owners to see if they’ll post your blog with a link to your website. It’s important to note that these articles will need to be unique for each website you submit. Finally, get in touch with local companies or organisations that have an online presence. A great example is local newspapers. Many local newspapers now have an online version, get in the newspaper and you’ll normally get in their online version with a link to your website!
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TIP 4: Website speed and mobile friendly

The speed of websites has been a long time consideration for Google, however more recently Google has been checking if your website is also mobile friendly. Both of these are important and should be addressed. Websites such as http://tools.pingdom.com/ allow you to check how fast your website loads. Try reducing the size or number of images and files on your website to give it a speed boost. Many vacation rental software will do this for you, if not, every web developer will understand its importance.
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TIP 5: Website Keywords

A keyword is a word searched in Google to reach a website. You should focus your content on keywords that are likely to deliver your website in the results when searched for. For example, if you own a villa in Barcelona then you’ll want to be targeting terms such as “villa in Barcelona”, “vacations in Barcelona”, “villas to let in Barcelona”. Use this technique throughout your website and you should begin to rank well for your chosen such terms. Just be careful not to use the keywords too often, this is known as Keyword Stuffing and Google can penalize you for doing so.