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Vacation Rental Styling – Want Some Guest Love? – This week Mercedes Brennan, our resident vacation rental styling expert, shares a simple tip that brings guest appreciation and a touch of class.

Vacation rental styling expert Mercedes Brennan

In an ideal vacation rental world, every bedroom has a handsome water carafe placed on the bedside table.

Guests feel grateful, relieved somehow when they see the cool look of clear, fresh water; and it’s reassuring to know it’s near. The fact that they won’t have to worry about getting a drink in the middle of the night – or in the midst of a novel while lounging in bed – makes it all the easier to relax and kick back.

It’s one less thing to worry about. Think of it this way. We need a few things to survive: food, sleep, shelter and water. We can go a few (warm) months without shelter, a few weeks without food, ten days without sleep, but only one hundred hours without water. So it’s automatic.

Whenever we enter a new environment, we immediately scan for a water source. It’s a primal thing. Water is always on the radar. Hotels know this too, which is why they get us with those oh-so-convenient plastic water bottles with the outrageous price tags. We’ve all resorted to drinking them because we didn’t think ahead and bring our own.

And you, as a vacation rental owner DO NOT want to follow the same lame tactics. Instead, give your guests plenty of fresh, clean, beautiful water in their bedrooms and they will thank you for it. No more stumbling into the kitchen in the middle of the night.

  vacation rental styling - Water
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